Underground dwellers

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Underground dwellers

Peoples of colour blue residing underground
Does it make sense that
Are actually internal world and listed date
Facts and historical events ancient and contemporary emphasizes the existence of this human world people procedure
(Old tunnel “rkensan” in Arkansas)
A team of 12 ventured Finder in the old tunnel crossing the Arkansas … Where antho eventually face the world’s population, they found a world of human beings their height from 8 to 7 feet and skin colour and blue sky and life like our city is too big for them. Up the tunnel between us and them. They live a world indoor globe

They live in a world of unprecedented internal balanced developed with highly advanced technology, saying to them: they were directly descended from Noah …
Describing the skies but our skies and illuminates all their heaven a great light greenish
Tribe believes Cherokee native American origin: that the Earth is hollow and combine distinct human world there lives a world languishing underground. And believe in the existence of the blue men and their tribes, settled in Kano before inhabited areas in Kentucky.
They spent their influence and they drained them and died when it entered the region in the control of Cherokee Indians … This is the reality of history.
Many local peoples and tribes of America believed that the ancestral root of a subterranean delightfully happy and came out of the caves and settled this land surface …???
And they turn to into this world to escape the disaster that has befallen past Cherokee Indians spoke of a subterranean world that resembles exactly where mountains, rivers, trees and humans ..!!
((The existence of these Nations weighed him Hindu India))

The Hindu religion believes humans colour blue they are India and they represent them in historic old temples. It is hao’la humans from the gods in India.

And they call these peoples dynasty … And the oldest (Krishna) and by gods and believed in the existence of this people so blue in old time.
Men Holy and sacred snake blue

Facts and evidence that these peoples inhabiting the Bermuda triangle today
Hidden civilization in the Bermuda triangle.
Inhabiting the human peoples of different races is a great gate leading to internal human world …

Gate of the Bermuda triangle and the great island
(Discover the continent of its disappearance and missing Bermuda triangle actually …
And with advanced civilization)

The legend of Atlanta …
In June 1940 the famous spiritual mediator “Edgar case” one of the most famous his forecasts over its long history, stating that through strong spiritual mediation is expected to highlight the part of the sunken continent of Atlantis near the Bahama Islands between 1968 and 1969
Numerous Cayes has been accused of witchcraft and the monument when this prophecy in spite of this the world waited anxiously atalntas appears …

One day civil pilot shouted these words tired … Continent “Atlantis” …., and is driving his Bahamas in 1968, when he saw with his island emerges from the ocean, near the island (Beeman) and faster camera captures her and fills her movie with pictures for that part of the lost continent that ignited the imagination of scientists long. ….

The emergence of that part at the same time and place who identified Kayes in stun everyone signed said supporters and opponents, as it was in everyone’s opinion the only tangible evidence of a atalntas …
1. map reserved in the library of the United States Senate, Piri Reis Map known Ottoman … And before discovering Vikas Uppal found America in 1929 in the Turkish Sultan’s Palace known as Topkapi, where it shows the name and location of the continent of Atlantis on a map is the same location as the Bermuda triangle.
Confirming that there is land undetected in this spot of the globe …


There are theories that the inhabitants of Atlantis people with blue giants with science and evolution and great technique and brilliant …
(The emergence of a real man of our time and people colour blue)

Do these humans are remnants of those people on the face of the Earth event?
Or is the result of genes and different breeds!!!
Or is it satisfactory as they say?

Recognized by those people designated “Argyria”

It is ironic film version talks about the existence of the peoples of the human giants with blue color and labeled with the name of the movie avatar
( Avatar)

The film tells the story of the discovery of intelligent human living in their own world and they are people the Giants … Fun movie fact simulates the existence of these peoples.
Maybe accept the truth …The existence of this world and indigenous peoples

(Was this peoples on Earth exist)

Are these people actually exist and have a presence now in the inner world and the Bermuda triangle?
Is this the movie hints at the existence of the real world!!!!
Do these people are??

That God has power over all things
In the world of underground secrets and facts will appear on water
Human inner world