Underwater metal detector VFL

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Underwater metal detector VFL

Tesoro Tiger Shark Metal Detector

Underwater metal detector VFL with integrated micro controller, designed to work in both fresh and salt water. It has two modes of searching of all metals with VCO-indication: slow and fast 32 bit email broadcaster threshold and discrimination mode, allowing you to use it under water and the ground search. There is also a switch of searching conditions: salt water and customary conditions. The device has a manual ground Balancing can dive to 60 m and is equipped with piezo headphones. There are 2 variants of the rod Assembly: shortened for snorkeling and ordinary for ground search.



Working modes:

-dynamic search of all metals with sound VCO-indication
-dynamic search with discrimination



Operating frequency, kHz 12
Dynamic mode
Food, 8 x 1.5
Battery life 15 hours
Weight 1.8 kg
Volume control is
There is a threshold tone control
Detection of metal type sound is
The number of programmes (including “all metals”) 2
Tuning-out for soil (manual)
Possible depth, m 60

Control units:

-regulator of discrimination level
ground balance control
-operating mode switch
-the on/off button switch of searching conditions