Unearthed an ancient city in Cyprus

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Unearthed an ancient city in Cyprus

The new season is rich in archaeological interest and extensive discovery. In 2013, archaeologists have discovered an ancient city in Cyprus , dating from around XIV century. The city is located just minutes from Larnaca airport , very close to the mosque of Hala Sultan Tekke . It’s amazing how such a large-scale discovery for years unnoticed . At this time, the scientists were able to discover the city with modern equipment – special GPR .

According to experts from the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus , an ancient city at its peak occupied a large area – about 25 to 50 hectares. To date, excavations are only a small part. Archaeologists plan to continue to study this area for several years. So far managed to find a place where he once carried the production of copper . Here the remains of copper ore and a huge amount of copper oxidized over time . Scientists have discovered the remains of a special oven and a medieval device used for the injection of air. Slag and finished ore was stored in special pits.

Unearthed an ancient city in Cyprus

Experts suggest the possibility that copper production was based on the site of an ancient burial sites , from which for this purpose have been removed all the remains and ritual together with grave goods . Such a hypothesis is put forward is not without reason . Archaeologists are unable to detect the more ancient artifacts including residues ceramics , various objects , made of bronze, as well as two special engraved printing that have a cylindrical shape. One of the seals is decorated with the image of three soldiers , the second shows a hunter with a deer near the tree . The study reinforced ceramic objects scientists that their assumption is true . They all date back some XI-XII centuries , that is, two hundred years before the construction of the lost city .

During the excavations have been investigated and residential parts of the ancient city. During the excavations uncovered a truly unique items , amazingly well-preserved . Among the finds are objects of Mycenaean pottery, which seems to have been brought from Greece and various islands in the Aegean Sea. In the immediate vicinity of the copper production were also found pots, presumably made ​​in the eastern Mediterranean. In a small room remained huge vases filled with clam shells , which were used for the production of purple dye . In the ruins also found the remains of weaving equipment and even special loads for threads. These findings suggest that in this city produced not only copper, but also dyed fabrics that were in the Middle Ages one of the best values ​​. Just fifty meters from the production of copper was found an ancient road paved with stone. It was quite wide – about ten meters.

Archaeologists have yet to explore the city , but some conclusions about it, they can already do , based on the findings. Residents of the city exported to Greece and Europe, copper, dyed fabrics sold around the coast . Mediterranean. Here was imported silver, lead and gold, various works of art from different countries. City of a relatively high standard of living , and it is not clear yet why he eventually left abandoned. The answer to this question scientists have yet to learn .

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