VEGA gold detector

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VEGA gold detector

VEGA gold detector

VEGA gold detector

The Vega is a gold, silver and precious metals detector that works with pulse induction technology, allowing you to detect deeper, boasts an LCD display, fashion graphic showing the level of discrimination, the operating mode selected and the status of the battery.
Main features.
Controlled by a microprocessor.
Two basic modes:
All metals. Discrimination (adjustable)
Two basic modes of operation:
Alert object detected by means of sound, in multifrequency.
The ground balance control with indications on the LCD (100 levels). It has the ability to completely eliminate interference from soils highly mineralized, hot rocks, ancient pottery and scrap metal, which is always a problem for anyone who has operated a detector of metals in Peru. It has the ability to detect objects made of non-ferrous metal underneath hot rocks, mineralized soils, ancient ceramic or scrap. Digital control of discrimination, has 100 segments of discrimination. The discrimination mode allows you to avoid detecting unwanted objects. Digital control of the sound of threshold (threshold), 100 levels. In static operating mode there is the option to tune the team according to environmental conditions. The volume control on the audio. Backlight on the LCD. Automatic elimination of the influence of the magnetic field of the Earth. It works with a battery of 12V/1.3ah, which allows continuous operation for 12 to 15 hours, depending on the type of coil or box being used. Operating frequency: 350 Hz. All controls are simple and within reach of your hand. The advantages already mentioned, allows the Vega to operate stably on any kind of environmental conditions, including highly mineralized or plagued scrap soils. Vega is one of the few metal detectors that have so many options of boxes and coils:
1 m x 1 m.
2 m x 2 m, with which can reach 6 meters of depth.
22X32cm elliptical coil.
Round 36 cm coil.
One year warranty.