walk through metal detectors security

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Walk-through metal detectors have an ergonomic design so that you can pick up the device to any premises, whether the Bank, airport building, Office premises, factories and enterprises. Recently, stationary detectors have become popular for schools, institutions, and other educational institutions; for EXAM-a device detects the phones, video cameras, tape recorders, cameras and other equipment.

walkthrough metal detector

walkthrough metal detector

This type of metal detectors widely used to secure various objects, such as airports, stadiums, courts, museums, banks, railway stations, government agencies, schools, and other objects with elevated security requirements. Arched metal detectors are allocated the following advantages:

Adjustable sensitivity apparatus
The device can operate from any household network
Ease of design collection
The sound and light signals
The ability to configure different types of metal detector
Application of modern technologies provides greater speed the passage of persons through the metal detector with minimal false alarms. Articles for personal use such as coins, keys, belt buckles, can drift through a metal detector without triggering false alarms.

Also similar stationary metal detectors are safe for health-it reaffirms the relevant hygienic certificates of Epidemiology: electromagnetic radiation device lower than conventional cordless phone. In addition, Arch detector is absolutely safe for a person with a pacemaker, pregnant women and children.

Some detectors have a system of photo and video surveillance with the storage of information on SD cards, PC connectivity, auto calibration and self-diagnosis as well as many other features.

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Prevention is a key factor to prevent fires in the home. It is important to carry out campaigns aimed at students, with special emphasis on children aged between 10 and 12 years, as well as their parents and teachers that teach them the measures and tools to be safe.

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