Water detectors – BR 500 W

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Water detectors

BR 500 W 

Water detectors  BR 500 W


The water surface within the underground strata inter-sessional and formed an underground reservoirs are under the pressure of these layers from all sides, when a splitter in those layers it hurtling to the top surface composed of springs
Artesian springs
And when he finds water wedged between two layers of non-executive and under artesian pressure outlet for this pressure as a result of weakness in the outstanding class or a crack. And the effective speed is in these springs and great disposition.
Ynaba slots
This is a result of the crack extends in the Earth’s crust and are characterized by a clear mineral water
The behaviour of rainwater into underground layers of surface and groundwater reservoirs are prospecting by exploration and drilling, it can be used for drinking, irrigation and other uses depending on the degree of sweetness and salinity.
Free underground reservoir
This limits the tank layer deaf from below as above connected directly to atmospheric pressure and the water level is the ground above this layer are closely related to the Earth’s surface as affected by irrigation water and rain.
Groundwater exploration
The crustal rock permeability how instrumental in the formation of groundwater through those regions find surface water (e.g., rainwater) course to form water reservoirs in these rocks and groundwater can again find another attitude to the surface through springs or cracked Earth through the processes of research and exploration
Here we point out several things missed by many researchers and prospectors on the groundwater and as long as we have people asking for radar imaging devices to detect water and this is difficult because radar can detect water depths of up to 20 meters
We all know that anyone was looking for groundwater will buy a device for detecting groundwater regardless of price or type, when you use device that can signal may be wrong and may be correct and from here begins with drilling for water, we also know that the cost of drilling of water is not simple and that we must make it clear that groundwater detectors operate on the principle of measurement (OM) resistivity of the soil or the principle of remote sensing and may be Sometimes wrong due to simple channels or very simple pools of groundwater
Here we explain that groundwater detectors operate on several principles
First: detect water and weak mkwamh soil through satellite photography and this is costly and may be security is prohibited in some States
II detect groundwater through soil resistance measuring devices, remote sensing, is the best way to detect groundwater but be limited benefits
We all know that the best way to detect groundwater through olive bars or bars of copper or old conventional devices
And collect all this information and these things can we provide a BR 500 W
Includes all those set in a compact and easy-to-use software is able to detect groundwater to a depth of up to 300 meters underground, is a measurement of the resistance of the soil and remote sensing system at once
This device can detect only large water pools with amkatet select an approximate water depth and we have used an old traditional system and remote sensing and the modern system is to measure the resistance of the soil.
URC/nm device capable of detecting underground water from mineral water or fresh water or salt water beneath the surface of the Earth up to 1000 meters in front of me with a circular shape and depth of up to 300 meters below the Earth’s surface,
Advantages and characteristics of the device:
Works systems
The first system: a remote sensing system (energy alalktrostatsiket – static electricity) to send static waves to depths of up to 300 m with the possibility to select the required depth detection where we have several options: 50 m-100 m-150 m-200 m-250 m-300 m
Second system: resistance measurement system and weak soil and be planted in the ground sensor and send a signal to measure soil resistance
Select the desired programme type water detection and we have several options where we can choose
Mineral water-freshwater-saltwater
Runs on rechargeable battery lasts for 10 hours and attach an extra battery to switch when needed
Accessories and hardware accessories:
Main unit and operating keys and adjusting and calibrating device
Lcd screen to view the results
American minute handlers
Touch-control screen
Identify and measure the depth of the target
Seismic detector molecular frequency of 460 MHz allowing you to get accurate results.
Measuring depth of goals gives a big advantage to this device than with other systems.
As possible within a very short time cleared a large area of groundwater detection
Touch control panel and convenient process.
Rechargeable battery with primary battery
If you finish the first battery charged battery can be inserted to continue working.
Battery: AA strongly type 5 volt alkaline.
Rechargeable battery strongly 9.6 Volt
Charger with charging indicator
Rod sensors for tracking reference
Sensor signal
Antennas used for guiding research system number 2
Catalog in Arabic and English
One year warranty
American industry