WATER FLOW water detection device 500M

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WATER FLOW water detection device 500M

A geophysical exploration
The first device in prospecting underground water
 WATER FLOW water detection device 500M



We offer to our valued customers and each prospector on underground water and all water drilling companies to all farmers and landowners.
Watwer device flow 500 m, latest technology reached a German industry modern, best produced by factories. A water flow 500m a modern era in prospecting groundwater and artesian wells,
A water flow 500 m making this device for the first time in 2010 at the latest German factory that production and development of water and gas drilling oil in the ground and it was this device water prospector of the best and most her productions and the accuracy and quality of craft industry since it was the best-selling and famous in Europe and America in recent years, the quality of manufacture and his amazing accuracy of the data and results fact that gives it the device without any error rate quite some Other devices that can give wrong results in some times.

The idea of the device 


General principles:


This device is the geophysical Earth layers detector uses approximate parameters as differences in resistance produced by the electric field of the Earth and various geological objects to determine differences and frequencies that are posted through the differences of physical parameters are approximate.

The idea of the device:

1. the device on an illustrative graphs show all goals and underground objects on the LCD screen.
2. up to 1000 m depth below the surface of the Earth all the goodwill.
3. detection of water in the ground and water gathering point and course of underground rivers.
4. ability to work at all times and in all types of terrain and climates. It can work in all kinds of soils and rocks (rock-metal-basaltic sand-mud-)
5. fast and efficient high performance device and can in one day measuring 4000 m to locate water and collect.
6. the device features antibacterial technology different perturbations in the soil that affect the accuracy of measurement device: even if the reference read weak or there are various interferences to signal the device can signal analysis and filtered in.
7. Select and high precision work: the device contains integrated circuits very precise work and filter out the signal and give accurate measurements and show up to 0.001 Milli volts and the extent of the error in the results of the measurements be 1%.

Device properties


• The device does not a group of people to do exploration but enough people one can work a thorough search on the device and set goals with ease.
• Ease of work
• Easy to carry full weight approx 5 kg so is easy to carry.
• Consistent and accurate readings
• An different perturbations caused by soil and affecting measurement
• High precision in work
• Great speed in analysing and reading data in comparison with other devices
• Faster analysis of the results by more than 10 times from other devices and less weight b 10 times.
• Saves a lot of time and effort
• It is convenient and the most suitable device for geophysical exploration
• Accurate and consistent measurements and a unique way to select results
• The device features a system of measurements and methods through which draw conclusions accurately and closest to reality like a body and thickness and depth finder

The device features

• The device features the ability to reduce signal interference and jamming to use Central isolated cables.
• The device has the ability to analyze and measure approximately 30 different frequency at the same time
• 5 inch LCD screen size.
• Operating results and processes are all seen LCD screen and can be printed via the printer attached.
• Storage memory for 10 sets of data each kit contains a 16 a search.
• Possibility to connect a thermal printer to print search results
• Print a paper report after the search.
• Battery 12 V/1.2AH
• Support two types of chargers: AC-DC 12V, 12V DC Car Charger dedicated charger.
• The device can store 3 measurements of frequency and 30 giving me several frequencies of 30 different approach and can demonstrate results and information.
• Easy control panel.
• The lithium batteries can be recharged.
• Electronic measurement and LCD screen to show the results.
• Measurement of (0.001 Milli Volt) until (355 ml v)
• Roll up 0.001 Milli-Volt
• Electric income 50 M obstacle
• Working temperature (-10-+ 50 °)
• Possibility of working in humidity 95% • German industry • ensure two

Hardware extensions


1. to install the main unit of the device.
2. the signal cables are isolated to prevent noise.
3. the probes land mines to send and receive signals.
4. the main unit to the machine and the screen and inlet sensors and control buttons.
5. power chargers for device and printer.
6. thermal paper printer.
7. hardware bag.

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