Water Pipe Locator rd500

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The water pipe locator rd500 an inexpensive and efficient device for detecting buried plastic, concrete and other non-metallic pipes. The system is self-contained and portable and does not require external power supplies. The rd500 locator can be supplied in various combinations of additional equipment, depending on the task and the limit level of working pressure.

The principle of action Trassoiskatelja plastic communications

Realizing the patented technology, the transmitter Transonde allows to create non-destructive material of the pressure wave pipe, the passage of which can then be traced at a distance of up to 152.5 m. The Transonde pressure wave generator allows you to quickly enter the pressure wave through the fire hydrant, the head of the spray fire extinguishing system, the nozzles of the water meter or a special elbow in the pipe. The RD500 receiver allows to determine the exact location of a plastic or concrete pipe by means of a sound and visual indication.

The receiver is powered by a voltage of 9 V. The receiver provides information about the exact location of the object using the dial indicator and headphones. Simple gain adjustment allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the receiver to the location of the main and local lines.

Locator Features.

RD500 gives the best results when looking for individual pipes in the grass, soil or under road surface. At a pressure of 2 to 5 bar and a sufficient flow rate, the receiver tracks the pipe to a distance of 150 meters.

The accuracy of the location is 25% depth, with the depth of pipe up to 2 meters. It can be lowered when working with underlying pipes under pavement or concrete. The pressure wave from the Transonde transmitter is dissipated and peaks are taken from a larger area on the surface.

The range of location may fall in places where the pipe passes through a tree or connects to a larger pipe-here the signal of the transmitter transonde is separated or weakened.