What is a dowser?

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What is a dowser?

The dowser, search for water, has existed since ancient times and has always helped to find liquid so essential to life.

What is a dowser?

You zahories them, today they are also known as dowsing. They are people with a highly developed sensitivity to perceive a certain powers, which allow them to find the exact place where digging to find water, metals, etc.
Found paintings in which there are figures holding typical Rod used by you zahories them to carry out their activity and there are several African tribes and other places on the planet where there are still zahories.
What instruments use a dowser to perform their searches?
There are several instruments that the dowser you can use for your activity. Possibly the best known is the rod in the form of and that he takes out the ends.
But this rod is not the only one that can be used by a dowser, there are also rods in L-shape, which will use one or two, and pendulum course (speak widely about them in the article “dowsing instrument”)

How does your activity the dowser?

Zahories them capture the magnetic vibrations of the elements whose search being made.
It is not very common to see a dowser to doing their job because you do not like to be observed.
They move through the area where perform search fully alert to everything you can perceive, until the vibrations reach the rod through his body pointing to the place where the water is.
Sometimes they can also perform their work on a map and so often use the pendulum.
Not only seek water, also use their skills to find veins of minerals, oil and even people.

What about the science?

As always the scientists are very skeptical when it comes to things that have a very rational explanation.
From their point of view, the location of water or veins of ore by the dowser is simply due to the signals of the terrain, having nothing to do with some kind of magnetic perception.