What is an IP video surveillance

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What is an IP video surveillance

Network IP CCTV cameras have been in use for more than 5 years. Originally the network cameras found use as Web cams on the Internet (hence their other name Internet cameras). They became very popular for observation of landmarks and tourist attractions. Their ability to bind to the network and use the FTP technology for transmission of images to Web sites make them ideal for such applications.
With the passage of time recording software was developed by a large number of producers, which allowed these network cameras to be connected to the local network and the video recorded by them to be stored on a computer that is also part of this network.


To reduce the capacity of the hard disk space required for the continuous recording of video files have developed different in complexity algorithms for detecting movements. Through this method the cameras only record when there is the appearance of movement in the range of the lens, or otherwise working in the scene of CCTV.
The first cameras had some limitations compared to traditional analog cameras, the illumination is not was not so good, the frequency of frames were often slower than 25 fps standard analog CCTV cameras, not all were designed for outdoor installation and these cameras which could indeed compete with analog cameras were too expensive.


Despite these limitations of the earliest IP cameras, they were well adapted to certain conditions. The first builders were institutions for experimental purposes. Schools, colleges and universities already having built internal local area network, existing server rooms, where they just add extra hard disks for video recording and the main premises of IP CCTV were well-lit school corridors, the IT classrooms and common areas.


Where IP cameras the duh conditions and had built a network, they have proved their efficiency and profitability in the quality-price ratio for the purposes of video surveillance.


After several years of continuous development, the current generation IP cameras for video provides image quality far exceeds traditional analog CCTV cameras. cameras have become a common product of many manufacturers, some of which produced 2, 3, 5, 11, 16, and even the 22 megapixel cameras. These cameras are able to cover the work of several of the traditional cameras, thanks to the high resolution which have their images.


It is now possible to zoom the image within the recorded video giving an opportunity to see the clear details of it. This feature makes them an ideal choice for face recognition, reliance on the plates and other activities related to their big opportunities for recording high-quality video.