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Of course, all familiar with the traditional yellow gold. However, few know that in fact there are many more species of this precious material. It may be white, pink, red, green, blue and even purple. Usually, the color of gold depends on the alloy is part of jewelry or products.

In any gold, what was not its color, contains 58 percent pure gold, the rest of the ligature, i.e., different alloys. In fact, in itself, enough gold is a soft metal, it not only can scratch, but also to bend. For this reason, jewelry are made always from alloys. In yellow gold, silver and copper added in white-Platinum, and so on. Thus obtaining the desired appearance and shade.

So what is green gold? Such an exotic color stuff gets through the link gold with potassium. Actually the tint looks like olive, or even a pale yellow. Looks very original and elegant. In addition, Green Gold is obtained by connecting it with silver. This type of gold is quite rare in the jewelry business due to the fact that is fragile. However, despite this, this kind of gold is very in demand among young people and women, loving precious metals.

Products from green gold are very beautiful, they can be worn both in everyday life and for exits in the light: in a theater or a restaurant. If you pick up an ornament, you can emphasize the natural beauty of a woman and her individuality.

Purchase products from a precious material is not difficult. To do this, you can visit the nearest jewelry store and choose your favorite thing. But in addition, you can buy green gold in the Internet shop without leaving home, thus saving your precious time. Moreover, it is very convenient to choose the decorations through the online catalog.

It should be noted that products from green (olive) Gold is not plastic, and not durable. Therefore require careful and careful attitude. Most often this is the same reason why such gold can be found as inserts in jewelry. For example, suspensions, bracelets and models. As if that’s not a precious material, and stone. But despite this, make a very rare manages artists and original copies of this material. Green gold rings are very popular among honeymooners, because both have a beautiful looking, but however, and excellent price category. Look fashionable, spectacularly and “pleasing to the eye.

All about black gold, white gold, rose gold, red gold, green gold, purple and blue gold, What is green gold? Green Gold is an alloy of gold and silver, without using copper, such gold actually looks like. Among the many jewelry metal Green Gold stands out for its special enchanting elegance. Jewelry and artworks.

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