which is better to buy gold or silver

which is better to buy gold or silver In the category investing in gold more articles and learn more information about which is better to buy gold or silver Reviews Price Specifications Features Image manuals videos Accessories All this in metal detectors for gold.

Gold ions and the discovery of gold

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gold and its physical and chemical properties

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Gold Hunter

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The important fact about the price of gold

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which is better to buy gold or silver

Gold or silver which is stronger and remain steadfast
One of the most important economic events this week that central banks in Russia and Mexico and Thailand continue procurement of the precious metal to about 128 tons of gold to the diversity in ahatiattia in central banks and other appeals to Portugal to sell holdings of gold bullion for sovereign debt problems and Bernacchi: budget deficits are important economic problem facing Washington in the long term and that the Russian Central Bank raised deposit rates dramatically to about 0.25% for the fourth time since last December and in crisis Greece debt maturity is approaching gold achieves 1.5% during the week when 1538 dollars per ounce and silver flying b 8% to reach $ 38.60 and continuing decline in the assets of the largest silver Fund during the week slightly improved high assets more Gold Trust SPDR Fund for gold bullion (360600) an ounce.

Gold and precious metals

And in assessment of precious metals believe the gold price remains positive in the medium and long term, largely diminished the likelihood of rising interest rates on US dollar due to the current economic situation. in addition to the rise in sovereign risk in the euro area and Japan.
In the short term needs gold to profit especially with low liquidity and cool news coming from Germany to support Greece to reimbursement list, either silver, long term and medium term negative still if we are waiting for signs of a return to new investments after the great escape of the largest silver rolling Fund where continued declines in customer funds dramatically since last month so its team site survey to assess Fund silver weed 4 weeks ago by 34479062-ounce silver, Where the value of the assets of the Fund fell from 20 billion dollars to 11 billion dollars.

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