Whites Coinmaster metal detector and treasure hunting Reviews

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Whites metal detectors manufactures the American company, whose headquarters are in the New England region of the northeastern United States. It provides the most complete set of services around the metal detectors. The company cooperates with many dealers, so buy a metal detector Whites can be in different parts of the world. In retail you can choose different types of products of the company-metal detectors and accessories. Sales of metal detectors and Whites in Moscow. The special shop offers all who wish to metal detectors, which will be useful for any kind of search: for hobbies, professional and industrial. In addition, there is a wide range of accessories. The price of White’s metal detectors varies from low to high, depending on the complexity of the device. Their cost is kept GA level is above average.

CoinMaster has 3 search modes: dynamic mode the (discrimination), pseudo-static mode with the possibility of searching of all metals and PinPoint the precise target detection capability. You can consistently prohibit if necessary any of the 5 categories of objects. Coin Master has a LCD screen which indicates the type of target (8 items), the depth of the target (configured for coins), sensitivity level, battery level.

Metal detector Whites occupy a high place in the rating of all the appliances of this type, tried and tested in a variety of contexts. Many praise his remarkable sensitivity. Among the most famous models are the well proven series Prizm. A lot of very positive feedback on the XLT. This metal detector Whites became legendary because it can detect very small coins-scales, the dimensions of which do not exceed 10 mm. A high-performance version of DFX model is considered, which is a logical continuation of the XLT, took over all its outstanding features and added their own, such as the ability to select the frequency search. Whites metal detectors have replenished with novelties. A professional device model Spectra V3i, which used a unique technology to locate the object in much depth, has a good discrimination, excellent accuracy and very user-friendly.

Whites CoinMaster is an intermediate model line metal detectors manufactured by Whites. It is equipped with an integrated microprocessor and a new maximum effective 9.5 inch coil. It should be noted that the display settings and type of the found object in the metal Whites CoinMaster is displayed on a LCD screen on which the position of the cursor points to one of eight different categories of objects, as well as the depth of their occurrence. Plus, the display shows the level of sensitivity and battery life. Sensitivity adjustment is done with the arrow keys up or down. Do not install this feature on the maximum mark, if you are near power lines or in areas with a high level of mineralization of soil, in order to avoid false signals.