White’s Coinmaster metal detector

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White’s Coinmaster metal detector

The reputation of the White’s Coinmaster metal detector is more to do, easy to use, reliable and very efficient.


As its name suggests the CoinMaster is the expert in the detection of coins, ecu, Napoleon or Louis d’Or… or any other type of metal, nothing escapes him.


Precise identification of the nature of the target and display depth. The COINMASTER includes all of the features of the PRISM III (one of the successes of the American brand) with a brand new more powerful microprocessor and especially a new detection of 24 cm high-performance drive.


The Coinmaster is equipped with a discrimination on 5 beaches very practical for the elimination of undesirable metals and a pinpoint which will facilitate the location of targets.


All is very robust and very good Bill. Any type of land, fields, forest, beaches…




-LCD screen information display.
-Identification of the likely nature of the target from the caption on the screen.
-Indication of the depth of the target in time real.
-Detects a € 2 coin to 30 cm deep and up to 100 cm for large objects.
-5 levels of discrimination. -Pinpoint. For a location Specifies the target.
-Adjustable sensitivity.
-Disk seal of 24 cm.
-Low battery indicator.
-Power supply: 2 batteries 9v (included)
-Battery life: 30 hours
-Frequency: 8, 2 kHz
-Weight: 1.3 kg
-Dissectible into 3 parts
-Search in silent mode
-Warranty: 2 years and 1 year for the disk.