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White Coinmaster Pro Metal Detector

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White’s Coinmaster metal detector Reviews

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4vTwJ8PUQo&w=600&h=400 White´s CoinMaster metal detector has five levels of discrimination to You can choose which targets search. The identification of Read more

Whites Coinmaster metal detector and treasure hunting Reviews

Whites CoinMaster is an intermediate model line metal detectors manufactured by Whites. It is equipped with an integrated microprocessor and Read more

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The Whites Coinmaster 6000, also known as the Coinmaster 6000/DI or Coinmaster 6000/DI Pro SL, was a well-regarded professional metal detector in its time. While it might not be the most recent model on the market, it still offers good capabilities for treasure hunting.

Features of the Whites Coinmaster 6000

Includes ground balancing to adjust for different soil conditions, improving target detection accuracy. Provides discrimination modes to differentiate between desired targets (like coins) and unwanted trash like iron foil.

Offers both visual and audio cues to help identify potential targets based on their signal characteristics. Allows searching in shallow water or wet environments.

Whites offers newer Coinmaster models with potentially advanced features like higher frequencies or digital signal processing. Consider these if you can’t find a used Coinmaster 6000.

If you decide to go with a used Whites Coinmaster 6000, make sure it’s in good working condition. Ask for detailed pictures or videos from the seller and inquire about any repairs or functionality issues.

Whites Coinmaster 6000/DI Series 3 Metal Detector