whites mxt pro review

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whites mxt pro review


Whites MXT Pro with an operating frequency of 14 kHz, released in 2010 . The changes were made multi-tone (now used 7 colors instead of 2) , control the operation of the detector with the ground, nominally set of larger diameter coil – 12 “, an illumination of the display . Constructive Classic White s Spectrum features a fine balance . Sufficiently large weight of the device is almost not felt. MXT provides significant search performance comparable with the devices in its class. devices Features White `s – the most accurate determination of both the target and the depth of its occurrence . Regarding the Matrix M6 added choice of search modes , adjusting the threshold background and the ability to search for gold nuggets .

Detection is carried out using metals graphic cursor , having 16 positions . In addition , the cursor may have a different size to more precisely identify the detected object . Also used a visual indication of discrimination (the number of VDI), mapping object ownership to a group of multi-tone findings and identification of the object from the sound . In addition to VDI mode Prospecting displayed characteristics of the soil and the probability that the object is made of iron. In the pinpoint shows the approximate depth of the object. Regulated sensitivity , discrimination , a way of working with ground balance , the threshold hum and speed -locked . Uses several modes of operation : a dynamic for doing a normal search , dynamic tone with identification of the object , alternative modes of search and static ( pinpoint ) to detect the exact location of the found object , the center of the target. Automatic ground balancing metal detector eliminates its impact on search results . In operation, there is an automatic adjustment of ground effect .

whites mxt pro review

whites mxt pro review


Principle of operation : VLF;
Frequency of 14 kHz ;
Customizable:  auto-tuning on the ground , fixed , beach search .
Search coil : Super 12 inches / White ‘s 300 LTD;
The presence of ” pinpoint ”
Power Supply : 1.5V AA;
Number of batteries: 8;
Running time : 35-40 hours ;
Availability audio output : 1/4 inch;
Weight: 1.95 kg;
Numerical discrimination : the range of -95 – +95 ;
Search depth in the ” pinpoint “: up to 30 cm

Whites MXT Pro Metal Detector Coin Test


The output :

Graphic discrimination – 16 positions and 3 cursor size
Digital discrimination – from -95 to +95
Sound discrimination – 7 colors
Adjustable sensitivity – smoothly from 0 to 13
Indications depth – up to 30 cm in the mode pinpoint
Indication Low Battery
Displays the version of the device and the voltage of the battery
Indication of Compliance finds one of the groups predefined objects.
Indication of the probability that the object of the iron (only in Prospecting)
Indication of ground conditions (only in Prospecting)

As with most of the top metal detectors of White’s, this unit is equipped with multi-function flip-flop , which is under the control unit.
It has three positions , and performs the following functions .

in a central position : the basic search with discrimination ;
in the ” over “: enabled ” pinpoint ” to accurately determine the target location ;
in the ” on my own “: a static list of all metals .

Multi-tone metal detector depends on the performance of the discriminator . The lowest tone suggests gland beneath the coil , copper is high .
In the relic is configured by default two-tone response (depending on the handles of the discriminator ) low tone means that this finding discriminator cuts . Accordingly, if the tone is high , then the goal is accepted.
The button ” Musical Notes” allows you to use two sound modes : Iron ID ( low tone for iron and non-ferrous metals for high ) and 1 Tone – one tone for everything that is not excluded from the search (iron sounds more low).
When operating in Prospecting program Iron Grunt ON enables the objectives determined by 80 % as iron , low , like a grumbling tone. Use the “Musical Notes” This mode can be turned on or off . If it is not active , the response is the same for all targets , the target size can be discerned only by the power of sound .
Graphical determination of the target is performed using a graphical cursor with 16 positions , which changes the size for the most accurate identification of remains. This is reinforced by the numbers VDI, which indicate the affiliation to the findings of a group, and complete information about the object. The program Prospecting VDI numbers are added to the soil parameters and the percentage probability of iron as the main target material . PinPoint shows the depth of the subject.


GAIN – enables / disables the device adjusts the sensitivity to the goals and interference. Greater value – great depth , but also a greater influence on and soil quality ;
DUAL CONTROL – to search for coins , jewelry and relics can not ignore the desired metals . When working in Prospecting allows you to monitor sensing threshold SAT, which is important for better tuning out from the soil , the composition of which is changing rapidly ;
THRESHOLD – adjusts the threshold background, including search and silent mode ;
TRAC – used for ground balance both manually and automatically , to set up the search for a beach on the shore of the sea ;
MODE – allows you to select a search mode : coins, jewelry, relics, gold nuggets ;
MUSICAL NOTES – allows you to choose the tone signal;
GRAB – used to quickly change the mode -locked from the effects of the soil. For modes Ground or Salt pressing it disables the automatic adjustment , the program includes Lock it for a while to set the new settings soil analysis ;
LIGHT BULB – designed to illuminate the display.