Why TAVEX sells investment gold?

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Why TAVEX sells investment gold?


The answer to the question why TAVEX sells investment gold, at first glance seems simple: to make a profit. Most businesses are designed to generate profit. Auto Show sells cars, construction firm builds houses, restaurant prepares the Food Bank gives loans for profit. But is it really so simple? Did to the car there should be comfort of movement from point a to point b, to home-improvement of the human condition, is a restaurant does not exist primarily for the comfort of enjoying delicious food and is it the Bank is not primarily a place where people keep their savings?

Why TAVEX sells investment gold?




Compared with these, so important for humanity services, buying and selling of gold seems to be a relatively meaningless and will not cause absolutely no added value activities. At first glance, it seems that this only makes sense to get a little extra profit because capital does not hammer together. But if you think, all seemed outwardly simple and straightforward, is complicated and takes on unexpected dimensions.


Let’s start from the beginning. Consider banking. In contrast to such modern industries as logistics, air freight, or the MEDIA, in this case we can analyze more than 2000-year history of the industry. We can watch, bringing in finance and banking fell happy and good times and how decisions in the history of financial giants had long plunged into poverty masses. Without going into historical details, we remind that for millennial mankind has used various forms of money. As a particularly curious example of reverse currency you can bring and seashells, and a fistful of salt. Over time people have had to be in the Exchange, which would be acceptable to all. It is very uncomfortable to breed camels, if from a neighbor in Exchange for them can only be accessed while the calves, you need, for example, grapes. Therefore, the emergence of money has become a necessity. Of course, it was important that the money had some value. After various attempts by mankind in different continents stopped their choice on gold. Gold was the most appropriate equivalent of money: it will be available in limited quantities, it was easy to handle, it had not burned in the fire and not Ravel. The gold was the best means of payments for all sorts of goods between different peoples and Nations. Try out the financial system, tied to the gold standard, do not lead to any good. During the heyday of the Roman Empire, Nero came to genius, in his view, the idea of how, not working and not creating added value, it may multiply their wealth and continue to lead lavish lifestyles. He decided to melt the silver coins in circulation and the new cast, containing half the silver. It seemed that after that Nero could afford to spend twice as much and getting exactly the way it was. Then the Emperor several times implemented his idea until the silver content in coins are not made up 4% of the original. Catering to your every whim, Nero was able to spend money in unlimited amounts, but for the Roman Empire it was the beginning of the collapse. If the 10-260. a.d. in Rome was inflation 0.4 per cent per year, the 260-340 BC. prices rose in 20 times.
Here I would like to draw your attention to the one mistaken judgment that has become the conventional view. It is that inflation is rising. Following the move, thoughts in Finland should be inflation, as prices are rising. Food prices are rising, hence there is inflation. In reality, however, the price increase reduces the value of money. The value of money decreases when the State and the Government are like two playable characters, i.e. the release into circulation of money without collateral. Alas, this is a modern banking system. Initially, the Bank was an institution that the Government loaned the money given to its customers. Everything was simple and logical: If the Bank had no deposits or own resources, it did not give loans. This changed in the 20th century. Bankers have decided that you can significantly increase the amount of loans because the loan later no one can accuse them of release into circulation of surplus money. The modern system is based on the fact that the appeal issued almost (it is “almost”, because in the end not all wishing to receive credit) as much money as willing lenders. It is foreseen that in the future all creditors settle their loans. And although at first glance this would revive the economy, just as the prick doping gives forces the athlete, in the long run the success of this system is not possible. Such a system can continue to operate only according to the classical principle of pyramid, i.e. until there are new comers to get credit. Without a new loan system will start to slip. The whole system is based on obtaining short-term profit that is characteristic of a person, but, like all human weaknesses, is disastrous. It should be noted that the banking system is built according to this scheme, today operates throughout the world.
It is for this reason that TAVEX gold began to offer its clients. Initially the purpose was to keep the enterprise invested by its owner, and the sale of gold to customers was not planned. However, following the acquisition by a small gold reserves for their own use, and increased interest in gold from those clients, who also believed that not all things in this world are going smoothly. The ability to offer savings TAVEX became money in investment gold. You must honestly admit that in spite of the fact that selling gold was never to make a lot of money, because the main focus of the TAVEKSa is still currency exchange firm, helps profit and from the above activities, and does not consider it charity. After all, auto show does not sell cars at cost price, and the restaurant serves without price surcharges. But for TAVEKSa making a profit is not the primary goal.
The purpose is clear. During the next financial crisis, fewer people in Finland should be among the losers. Every 30-40 years, the inhabitants of Finland lost their entire life savings accumulated labour. Managed to escape only to those who had gold in hard times. Since the next crisis promises to be global, then it is time to think about recovery times when the banking system and economy will cease to operate with imaginary units and return to meaningful activities. Then the results of the competition will depend on how many there will be real values, i.e. gold. United States evolved into a leading world power after it became the world’s biggest holder of gold reserves. Finland also will be able to improve its position in international competition if its residents will own a large amount of gold. In fact, gold is money. This state of affairs existed more than 1000 years old, it is valid now and it will continue in the future.
Obviously, few people will perceive this article seriously, believing that deal with the advertising ploy through which they are trying to impose a regular commodity, gold this time.
I sincerely respect that view. People should manage their money according to their own free choice. Before purchasing gold, I recommend the reader acquaint himself thoroughly with the subject to understand what role gold plays in the history of the world and what you can expect from gold in the future. I encourage the reader to rely primarily on their own common sense, not on what the press, and not the opinion of a neighbor.
In conclusion, I would like to repeat the words of George Bernard Shaw’s classic, “all of us have a choice: accept the natural stability of gold or the honesty and intelligence of members of the Government. And with all due respect to these gentlemen, personally I would bet on gold “.