Wireless home security systems

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Wireless home security systems

Wireless home security systems. Easy to install

Do not cost much and does not need extensive experience
Panel buttons «grid» can be placed on a table or wall to ensure protection and security at home (New York Times photo service)

Models of wireless home security systems («Middle East»)

When was Kane the new gonksma home, found that construction workers had already installed a basic security system sometimes called «briwair». And the fact that gonksma (50 years), an engineer and a technician at the same time, decided to develop this system and supervised and monitored.
Wireless home security systems. Easy to install
Gonksma says that the majority of people do not understand that the residential warning system «briwair» prewire which is common to companies that install alarm systems in order to persuade you to sign on the monitoring and control of charge normally».
Until recently was trying to gonksma the security system installation and maintenance, is impossible. But now with little knowledge can now even non-engineers, add a security system to lower cost of composite order in advance by professionals.
The majority of security systems consist of two parts: hardware, gear, and control service. For decades often gear is being installed by professionals that it requires wiring and cables.
Although the sensors used may be connected to the alarm whistle, or the floodlights light up and fade, but actual interest in getting alarm is brought to the attention of someone to the police. For many years this was the command as warning companies that advertise on television. But King also found gilitan, the real profit made by the alarms not gear, but operations and observation and monitoring services, as is the case with companies that provide mobile phone service. The security companies help financially to the cost of locking devices and gear, to the point where it is almost free. But paying $ 30 per month for the services provided by companies in the security field for years and years to monitor your system making it a lady, well it is costly.
Quick-mounting systems to new systems can reduce the total cost of owning a warning system, rather than relying on people who are in the process of installing wiring throughout the House, the new devices cut in cans, using a complex set of batteries, as well as wireless and cellular technologies to make this task simple and fast installation for most homeowners. Some of these systems can override control companies, contact the owner directly instead of a third panel of the alarm. One of these systems is being sold by the company «grid home security». The basic package is available in its entirety for $ 199 at ingridhome.com, including a warning system, and the phone also serves as a tool for managing this system, with three sensors for the three Windows or doors. And all these devices within the small box as a shoe box.
Door sensors these sensors is being pasted on the doors and Windows with duct tape, and are totally works wirelessly and derives its energy from small batteries, such as those found in watches. And be connected automatically via a few clicks on the handset manual work without wires. The system can be controlled via the Internet, and even capture video images by using an optional video camera. And installation of the system on a two-hour. There is no need to count, or tools, and that there were some small obstacles to activate sensors and base stations.
And monitoring and control service costs about $ 20 per month, the rebates are annual contracts. As a video camera, cost about $ 130 with temperature and water sensors. Service is provided 24-hour surveillance with access to online video offerings. While cost starting screening devices and a smoke warning whistle about 50 and 100 dollars respectively.
The other company is «laser shield dot com» devices and equipment and service control in a single package, and concentrate more on investigating the movement inside the House. It cost $ 200. But it requires a normal telephone for controls and send alarms for $ 20 per month. And the system can be controlled through a Web site.
During the weeks from now, the company will launch «laser shield Pro», which is a professional security system designed to install yourself. And less than $ 300 with this new package to monitor traffic, Control Panel, and probes for doors or Windows. And additional cost «laser shield» also observer to flood, another observer placed in glass tray is broken when it is needed, add to the wireless siren.
And the initial simple package easy to install … Just put the sensor motion sensor in one room, the basic rule in the other room near the telephone lines or the Internet. Alarm monitoring is based on movement through your phone number, and then notify the police if he heard an answer from you. And install and activate it took only 10 minutes.
By adding an additional $ 230 acquisition system «ciclone» of «laser shield», is a separate cell broadcast that secures a company’s monitoring station even if phone lines are broken. And such as well as increase the monthly monitoring fee costs to $ 30. Those people who do not have telephones, and telephone service over Internet Protocol, such as «vonage», they have to acquire «Sparrow» of «laser shield» by adding $ 130, plus $ 10 monthly for easy alarm system work online.
Home security and it seems that even the great telephone communication companies are entering the game security hardware install yourself. Says Steve Loeb, Director of business development at at & t» that domestic security has greatly benefited from wireless communications, leading company «at & t» for its remote control.

Products «at & t» that was originally targeted at small business owners do not call the police in an emergency, but instead sent a text message on a mobile phone and an email to the owner of the House when he gets an incident. The basic package price starts at $ 299, plus $ 25 per month. They include one section uses an embedded motion sensor, the system controller, remotely operated camera. It also includes a system to broadcast video over home power lines. The unit also supports the measuring temperature, monitoring traffic and water. And no remote for unit monitoring loop «at & t» full security system, because it works perfectly as the principle of “do, or knee yourself», that the owner must do so. «This system makes you keep in touch with the sites that interest you when you are not there».

Loeb adds that some staff of «at & t» use system to go after dogs, cats, and even control the nursemaids when such personnel in their work. There are additional sensors give homeowners control pumps and water taps, heating systems and air conditioners. No installation and operation process takes more than 30 minutes.

But not all people want to walk the platform «do, or knee yourself». Said Dave Simon, the spokesman of the company «brinks home security» home security, many facilities have benefited from having a local expert. Experts in this area can help decide which Windows and doors that should be protected. Simon estimated that the full installation service cost about $ 200 for primary platforms, and hundreds of dollars more for more complex systems. And «brinks» control services for $ 30 per month. The company that installed the devices and surveillance and monitoring. And not all companies, most companies hire outside contractors to home security installations that used their products.

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