Wireless spy cameras and listening devices, navigation equipment «GPS»

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Wireless spy cameras and listening devices, navigation equipment «GPS»

Several methods of spy and atrocities in below, we highlight here some eavesdropping equipment and GPS navigation equipment


Tapping tools

Interception devices ranging from simple to complex and sophisticated. Can a cheap monitoring which is used to monitor children during their sleep, recording conversations. Either the most complex ones, can be hidden in the walls, or in the things you use every day.
And you may find pens contain audio recorders, electrical appliances and personal computers, watches and other devices, that hides the interception devices. The latter can also be connected to telephones.
There is also a mobile phone can be activated by a special symbol and use it as a listener. These phones are not ringing, or give any indication of receiving a call or connection. This makes voyeur recognize to the location of your phone, you can listen to conversations through the Chamber. Wiretapping without warrant to devices can penetrate walls, hearing and recording conversations.

Surveillance cameras

* As for the reconnaissance and surveillance cameras, ranging from the simple and complex, and many can be used for espionage purposes, often resembling these stuffed animals. Of course, the animal may raise doubts taxidermist. But what about the camera hidden in a false smoke detection device in case of a fire? Some of these hidden cameras subject certain angles to give the whole room scene. And some other cameras are the size of a small coin, and can be installed stealthily in a number of places. Some production companies modify some common products include hidden cameras, you can buy a base device «iPod», with a camera. Some watches and belts are clamps hide cameras, often deliberate digital video recorders.

Spy navigation devices

* And the navigation satellite «GPS» reality. Some companies put such devices in company vehicles to track the movement of its staff. But such devices can be used also for many purposes. There is a tracking device works in a «GPS» this is the size of a matchbox, and cost about $ 300, and can be attached to the vehicle. It can include a microphone. This data is being broadcast via your mobile device. You can also install recorders to the «GPS» in the car, but data «GPS» is not being broadcast in real time, but instead to restore unity and voyeur review places recorded by the device and go.

Spy shareware

* And of course there are more methods of spying. There is a basic program for registry can be installed on computers to monitor how it is used. There is also a hardware recorder also can be attached to computers, and has similar links to ergonomic keyboards of these devices. Often one forgets users «-» using the codec, or using old WEP encoding method which can be broken easily, allowing interception of network data.
All these things make you uncomfortable, but there are solutions, since often the managers and celebrity car rental companies surveyed homes, offices, hotel rooms, etc. Recently there has been a large turnout on such measures by customers, which led to the discovery of a number of spy gadgets. And of course these services come with a high price, as companies are imposing fees of up to thousands of dollars for them. However, most people do not experience this kind of spy operations. However, someone who might be affected by you, or the envied, may resort to these tools to monitor your movement and spy on you. But luckily there are counter measures less costly, because cheap equipment can track radio signals broadcast by hidden cameras and recording devices. Jammers can block signals devices «GPS» and mobile phones.