the most expensive coin ever – World’s most expensive coin

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World’s most expensive coin

A piece of silver class 1 dollars a year 1794 sold for a record $ arrived 7.85 million US dollars to outperform its predecessor coin months globally and is 20 $ gold price 1933 version arrived $ 7.59 million.

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Rare 1794 silver dollar brings record $ 7850000
He said a resident of Laguna Beach sold silver 1794 his scarce–one he refers to as “a national treasure”–for $ 7850000, more than ever, money paid for any scarce, experts say

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A record deal was signed between Steven Contursi, 57), President of rare coin wholesalers, Irvine, wesanivil-based Cardinal Education Foundation
1794 silver dollar which was sold for $ 7850000 Laguna Beach coin rare collector Steven Contursi
“I consider this emotional loss, but for financial gain,” said Contursi Friday
Contursi says he bought a rare currency in 2003 from Knoxville. The purchase of between 35 and 50 coins for about $ 10 million
“They were all exceptional pieces, but when I saw this one, my eyes just lit up,” said
For collector coins, Contursi said since he was a little boy, Virgin hair, detail and sharpness of the stars and reflected on the surface of his work and told him that this was not its normal means. He says he knew he was destined for the currency up purpose-be preserved and display cherished for generations to come
During the years that he owned was in Contursi Museum money in Colorado Springs, run by the American Numismatic Association. Colonial was displayed in $ 10,000, if specially made wooden Contursi rare currency
Currency is known among collectors as the “flowing hair” a variety of silver dollars in early. The currency is the 15 stars around the head of liberty Lady, with her long hair flowing. The word “liberty” above her head and history, 1794, below. On the opposite side are the words “United States”, a branch of olive tree and “scrawny-looking” Eagle, which experts say was enhanced later in US dollar silver designs
Martin Logies, the Director of the institution that bought currency and honest coin collecting silver dollars 1794 that would give Americans much-needed overview of history and encourage them to learn more about the history of this nation,
“There is no doubt that this was the very first silver dollars because we base on research known hit that has been polished before multiplying the salinity,” said
Logies said this was probably one of the “major currencies held by the Director of the Mint at the time,
Audio reading of words
He is also a piece in a unique position in the history of the United States because in the early 1790s, the United States does not have its own currency or currency,
“This is a symbolic work of the beginning of the currency in this country and the rule of the United States economy,” said Logies
He said he hoped that by looking at the silver currency and stories we hear about it, the more people will be encouraged to go deeper into the history of the American economy, and how it was created “in”.
Logies said Enterprise intends to display the silver dollar in various national sites once work on logistics and security issues,
What may be the oldest silver dollar has become the world’s most expensive coin, with her saying that trading in a special deal between coin collectors for nearly $ 8 million.
Steven l. Contursi said, who owns mint condition 1794 Liberty dollar for the past seven years, Thursday that sells Cardinal Foundation breeding group of Sunnyvale for $ 7850000.
The previous record price was paid for his $ 7590000 between the United States and minted 1933 $ 20 gold piece, according to the American Numismatic Association.
The United States began producing silver dollar in 1794, and this particular one remains in near-perfect condition 216 years later.
That being the case, the price was not surprising, said professional coin grader David Hall.
“Even if it appears to have been run over by a truck would be still worth a hundred Grand,” he said.
Part of the so-called silver dollars flowing hair, his work has a lady liberty with hair, long straight front and American Eagle skinny significantly to back.
“That’s the kind of piece that is available maybe once in a lifetime,” said Martin Logies, curator Cardinal collection, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving rare coins and educating the public. The Enterprise intends to put his work on screen, just as Contursi did a lot of the time.
Numismatic experts say it was among the first silver dollars ever.

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“The research I did, it will no doubt soon hit each piece known to remain in existence,” said Logies, author of “dollars flowing hair 1794 Silver”.
From about 1750 dollars this produced in that year, only about 150 are known to exist.

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Quality single fingerprint this indicates that he was beaten by press cranked from a piece of silver, glossy high quality. Said Larry Shepherd, Executive Director of the American Numismatic Association and this indicates it was from the llalaaien collection or special Mint.

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Probably still in mint collection until the 1800s, Shepherd said, when trading was perhaps a collector, something he did sometimes Mint in those days.
Acquired Contursi, who manages the Irvine based on scarce wholesalers, for an undisclosed amount in 2003. He was not looking to sell it until Logies approached him.

Coordinator was a cardinal was one of the few experts Contursi had allowed to check currency after that bought it. Logies joked

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