xp gmaxx- 2 metal detector

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XP gmaxx- 2 metal detector – multi-purpose metal detector with a frequency of 4.6 kHz , which makes it indispensable for a variety of tasks – how to search for non-ferrous metals , as well as to detect large objects – chests , pots , barrels , pipes , etc. The device is implemented approach, in which the manufacturer refused to graphic displays in favor of the sound speed of the reaction. This is achieved through the use of new analog filters.

They provide good discrimination with a fast response from the target, which is very important for the “division” of closely spaced objects. Discrimination ( debris removal ) is achieved by adjusting the loudness of ferrous metals and setting cut-off point ( threshold iron) . Objects below the threshold are considered as “iron” , and at zero volume achieved complete shutdown sounds from these items. There is a choice of two – tone mode ( high tone – non-ferrous metal ) or 3- tone (low and high tone – non-ferrous metal ) .

xp gmaxx- 2 metal detector

Ground mineralization compensated by manually adjusting the ground balance «Ground» and through the use of the coil 9 ” type DD.

Metal has built-in transmitter for wireless headphones WS1/WS3 ( wireless headphones available separately) . The set comes branded wired headphones .

Power is supplied by 8 AA batteries or rechargeable batteries and has an impressive life – up to 45 hours.

The set comes waterproof bag case for suspension control unit on the belt .

Features metal detector XP G-Maxx II:

– Quick response and good sensitivity – good for finding a variety of purposes , both small and large in soils with high littered

– New analog filters provide high-quality “slice” of debris without speed loss reaction
– Operating frequency 4.6 kHz
– 2-tone or three – tone mode search (ferrous metals give a low tone )
– Setting the threshold of iron from 0 to 20
– Adjust the volume of iron (makes it possible to disable or enable the sound of ferrous metals )
– Manual Ground Balance
– The device is ready to work with wireless headphones thanks to built-in transmitter . Compatible with WS1 or WS3 and has a choice of two channels ( wireless headphones available separately)
– Complete reel 9 “DD with high resistance to mineralization
– Weight 1.4 kg


Specification metal detector XP G-Maxx II:

Type detector circuit : VLF

Operating frequency : 4.6 kHz
Detection depth of the coin: 20-45 cm
Maximum depth of detection : 1 m
sensitivity adjustment
ground Balance
Tone identification: 2 or 3
Length of detector : 1,1-1,35 m
Weight detector : 1.4 kg
Power supply: 8 AA batteries or rechargeable batteries

Package Includes :

Control unit , waterproof coil 9 “DD Hub cap set of rods  , Nuts, bolts, washers , armrest, cassette 8 AA batteries , wired headphones FX- 01 , the bag to be worn on a belt (protection against rain) .

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