XP metal detectors – XP GMAXX II Metal detector Reviews

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XP metal detectors – XP GMAXX II Metal detector Reviews

XP GMAXX II metal detector – thanks to its frequency of 4, 6 kHz is a powerful and versatile for coins and objects significant in various types of soil. It has new iron metals G-Maxx detector threshold settings audible warning II provides in real-time the most imperceptible signal output. Due to the fact that a metal detector is usually used in extreme conditions, has given attention to the most sensitive parts, therefore is developed and manufactured with quality components and materials, ensuring that it is a metal detector with a maximum lifetime.

The evolution of the benefits of G-MAXX XP metal detector from a completely new electronic circuit with new features such as:

Headset Wireless: the transmitter is now integrated in these four new detectors circuit boards. It is designed with two switchable channels. A frequency SHIFT switch on the front of the detector allows the two output channels to be activated so quickly and easily: CH 1 or CH 2.

Frequency change: A new switch allows the detection of frequency. To conform to reduce any interference with other nearby XP devices.

New analog filters improve the detection of targets in the infested areas of iron. The circle generated by iron mask is reduced considerably.

This improved the gradation of the sensitivity settings, are now more accurate.

GMAXX II is a “Multi-Tone”, now the user can adjust the setting level of iron, using the iron threshold potentiometer. It has adjusted the parameters ranging from 0 to 20. At 0 all iron rings in tone means, how much greater the adjustment, mentor will be detected iron tone. As you no doubt already know, too high a level of discrimination may prevent the correct operation of a detector.

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