set up the new Teknetics G2+ LTD

Development of metal detectors over the years

Treasure Hunting Teknetics G2 Metal Detector First Finds Reviews Teknetics G2 is a unique instrument to search for gold nuggets and ancient relics, gold. The device provides the user with the versatility of the search. Thanks to convenient and easy management tools efficiency when searching for gold nuggets will be provided. The device has a […]

geo examiner metal detector

geo examiner geophysical system

Metal detector GEO EXAMINER GOLD DETECTORS – GEO EXAMINER Metal detector GEO EXAMINER Geo Examiner is a computer (touch) touchscreen, so you no longer need to worry about the buttons or knobs using other detectors. 3. SYSTEMS INTEGRATED IN A SINGLE DEVICE: Probe geophysics. To detect and graphically separate objectives of the spaces empty and […]

xpdeus v garrett euro ace

most expensive metal detectors reviews

Xp Deus Vs Garrett Euroace Metal Detecting Reviews The patented construction XP Deus are 3 elements: the search coil, wireless remote control, wireless headphones, a feature of which is that they are associated with the entire system through a digital radio channel. Metal Detecting the wet foreshore with the Deus and the EuroAce, showing some […]

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