Golden Sense

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Developed a golden SNES specifically to detect raw gold nuggets, coins and other small metal parts in addition to larger and larger objects but beats in the depths of his devices where plunged to levels higher than all devices for detecting raw gold and currencies

Golden Sense

Discrimination and separation of metals from the main advantages in your golden sense as device capable of distinguishing minerals is high and is compiled for the user through voice tone varies from metal to another addition to repeaters that specifies what type of metal is strictly

The device features the following specifications

Golden Sense

Deep detection and ability to penetrate layers of Earth Force
Search systems very easy to isolate the metals value by value
Work efficiently in all soil types including Rocky and mineral-rich
Works within water and equipped with powerful insulation against water
Extended life battery for 40 hours
A factory technician in use
Ease of use
The device extremely easy to use and easy to install, after you run the device recognizes fast and uttwamtiki on soil type and programming search system to function correctly in higher and more precise and deep more than any device instance