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Where are old coins sold?

Where are old coins sold?

Michelle Freeman table   Michelle Freeman table adopted in 1985, when you see this icon next to any currency you can specify number Read more Table, Allen adopted 1991 Table, Allen adopted 1991 r-8 Unique or several pieces r-7 Extremely rare a few dozen r-6 Very rare several hundred Read more Explanation of some ancient […]

Discovery of 3500 kg of old coins in North China

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Cleaning coins

تنظيف العملات النحاسية والذهبية والفضية وتنظيف الزنجار

Cleaning coins soap solution – a general way, but at the same time he is the most aggressive. Soap does not have a strong chemical exposure, but cleans dirt, grease and other contaminants from the coins. The process of cleaning with soap is very simple: a coin need soap and gently rub with your fingers. This method is suitable for polished coins and coins in proof. If contamination is quite strong, the coins worth soak in soapy water for 6 hours. With this purification process is not at the coin impact, but it requires much time. Need to take the baby soap, as it is less aggressive.
In stores household chemicals we often encounter means for removing rust and plaque from different surfaces, such as the brand means SILIT. The structure of these tools include various acids on the chemical level they can dissolve copper oxides. Clean tools such coins is very simple: shake the bottle with detergent, pour the liquid into a separate container, drop the coin there for 15 minutes. Then remove the coin and rub a thick cloth, then rinse. But remember that after cleaning copper coin acquire an unnatural shade of red, this should not be afraid because there was a destruction of oxides and patina. Over time, the coin again covered with patina.

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