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Privacy Policy and the terms and conditions of this site or any sub domains which are online or online in future will tell you about the usage of the Global Blurb. If you face any difficulty or any picture which is copyrighted then you can keep in touch by visiting Contact Us page. A user who online on this website from any part of the world is bound to follow the terms and conditions which are mentioned on this page. These conditions apply to every person. Read Privacy Policy for more understanding about us.

Copyright Policy

All content on this website like videos, Text, Logos etc. are copyrighted of Global Blurb. All content protected by International and National law. Usage of anything from this site for any purpose is prohibited. Violation of rights is punishable under the act which will apply according to national or international rules. Users of this site have the authorization to contribute their reviews, comments, and opinions directly on the website or by Contact Us page. Don’t use this site for spam purpose otherwise, your IP will block temporary or permanently because every activity of users addressed.

Security And Access

This is a free version of the website and no need any type of membership. The user has access to read and sees content free of cost from any part of the world. If the user wants to get any type of special access then he/ she can contact us. If any person wants to contribute as an author then he/she can contact us. Site admin will create a login and send on their email address.

Usage Policy

The user must accept these conditions.

  • Copying, Rewriting or online using proxies for spam purpose is prohibited.
  • Usage of any image, video or content without permission is prohibited. If you want to do anything then you can contact the site admin.
  • The user doesn’t have permission to use site content for advertising or marketing purpose.
  • The user doesn’t have permission to use site or site content for commercial purpose.
  • Any information of the user got from Global Blurb comment section or from another area cannot propagate without permission of the relevant person.

Disclaimer Of Site Usage

Content which is published or publish in future on this site will not responsible for any wrong activity. Before the usage you can comment, an expert will reply your answer soon. Comments read on daily basis and also reply if any comment relevant with site admin. Global Blurb is not responsible for any accidental error if you follow published content. So it’s better to consult first, with Global Blurb consultant. If you face any issue due to the usage of Global Blurb content then you can leave Global Blurb content usage.

Global Blurb has right to suspend any user at any time. First Global Blurb will inform him but if he repeats their activities then Global Blurb will ban him permanently. The user will suspend immediately if he submits any spam or fake information. Global Blurb update site regularly and give a guarantee of accuracy.

Backlinks From Other Websites

Global Blurb offers No Follow backlinks. If a user wants to link their site with Global Blurb then he can contribute. User article must be 500 words, not copyrighted, rewrite or copied. If user article found rewrite, copyrighted or spun then it will not publish. If any user wants to submit his article then he can send us on admin@metaldetectorsforgold..com. After revision, his article will be published. Only 1 link in an article will accept. If more than 1 link in an article find by Global Blurb he has right to remove without telling to the user. Global Blurb has right to remove broken links without intimation. If you are using Global Blurb website then you are accepting our terms and conditions. We will take action and submit your information to national and international organizations for reducing the illegal activities.

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