The modus operandi of gold detectors using metal detector

The modus operandi of gold detectors using metal detector
About draft manufacture metal detector:
Metal detectors are usually very expensive up the price of a metal detector to thousands of dollars
There are many people taking the search for minerals, find effects, find gold, find all types of metals, and want to buy your gold and minerals,
And ready to pay any sums in buying a search for minerals.
And the manufacture of metal detector a successful project and a profitable project.

A project idea to manufacture a metal detector, gold and Antiquities:
Manufacture of metal detector in the ground and be strong and metals detection service reveal good depth
Annex a circuit with explanation of manufacture metal detector gold

Method of manufacturing gold detectors and metal effects, full file with annotation

Metal detector components and method of manufacturing device detect gold metal effects.
Consists of a metal detector and a simple lightweight parts mostly electronic circuits and are as follows:
1. Organizer or stabilizer and stabilizer used to maintain consistent and stable machine parts while moving the machine forward and backward while searching for gold and minerals and effects.
2. Control box control box containing electronic circuits and controllers and battery and handset and device control keys to choose the depth and type of metal you want to find.
3. column shaft connecting the detector control box and usually controllable column in length to fit the length of the person using the device detect gold metal effects.
4. detector search coil and is the main part in the device and is used to detect the presence of minerals and is sometimes called brass aggregates search head or alantenna loop antenna or file. "We will use Musleh detector".
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