Metal Detecting With The Fisher F75 metal detector

Metal Detecting With The Fisher F75 metal detector In the category Fisher Metal Detectors videos more articles and learn more information about Metal Detecting With The Fisher F75 metal detector Reviews Price Specifications Features Image manuals videos Accessories All this in metal detectors for gold.

Simple and effective ground metal detector, ideal for both amateurs and professionals. F75 metal detector is both simple and effective. Designed to search for coins, jewelry, gold and antique artifacts.

The metal detector has an improved 11 “Double-D coil, which copes with the work even in difficult conditions. The operating frequency is 13 khz. A wide range of functions and settings allows you to customize the device. Discrimination has 65 levels of sensitivity. Pin-Point will allow to pinpoint the location of the object at which depth it lies. Before digging, find out how valuable the object of the Earth is. Target ID will result in a scale range from 0 to 99, higher is better. The Notch function allows you to avoid being distracted by garbage, excluding a specific group of objects from the search. The balance of the soil will play on the hand when searching in mineralized soil. The adjustment is susceptible to discrimination, sensitivity, speed and threshold, soil balance. You can also select a response sound from 8 songs.

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