Search for valuables without a metal detector

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Is it possible to search for coins and other valuables without a metal detector? Of course it is possible, that’s just full-fledged it is no longer called. However, you can find coins without a device. Let’s take a closer look at this process.

Search in abandoned homes

This is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to a no-metal detector. Abandoned buildings are of great interest to diggers. You can look in the rooms, basements, attics. There are places where the probability of finding hidden valuables is higher: under windowsills, in stoves, walls, etc.

Visiting such places should exercise extreme caution, because the design is weakened and can collapse at any time. Well, a cop such an occupation can be called with a big stretch, it is something like a stalker.

Search for ploughed fields

Everything is much simpler here: we look for a ploughed tract and go there. The less vegetation on the site, the better. Ideally, there is a bare freshly ploughed land. In such places, coins and other valuables raised by the plough to the surface can be found with the naked eye. Of course, to find something will have to wander a lot on the field, carefully examining the surface. In some ways, this activity is like picking mushrooms.

It may seem that this is all nonsense and to find something in the field without a metal detector is impossible. Yes, in this way you are unlikely to find anything valuable even for the whole day, but the probability of it is, though small. I have repeatedly heard or witnessed how people accidentally found coins in the ploughed fields and even in their gardens. Coins on the plough after after the rain are especially visible.


Finding coins and valuables without a metal detector requires several times more time and effort than even the simplest device. However, this activity allows you to understand, even if you do not fully understand whether you like treasure hunting in general. Of course, the feeling of instrument search is much brighter, so even with the slightest interest in this activity, it is worth buying the simplest metal detector or renting it.