How to find a treasure without a metal detector

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Anyone who has ever searched for a coin knows how exciting this activity is. But is it possible to find a treasure without a metal detector? It is worth noting that the novice search engine will be extremely difficult without the device, but still there are some tricks that will help to find interesting copies of coins without special equipment and innovative devices.

What can you find with a metal detector?

Search without a metal detector near rivers and reservoirs

First, it is necessary to understand that there is no alternative to the metal detector, so to find coins without it you should arm yourself with close attention and be patient. The main thing is to clearly define the place of search. This is the key point in finding the treasure. The river is one of those places where you can come across interesting finds. The fact is that in the old days rivers and reservoirs were part of the trade route through which goods were moved, and therefore there was money.

The presence of bridges plays an important role, it is from them very often dumped valuables, including treasures and treasures. Of course, searching in water without a metal detector is a matter of chance, but if you choose the right place, you can find quite interesting things.

You have to choose where:
With gentle slopes;
In shallow water;
near the paths that lead to a river or a body of water;
where rivers merge.

Particular attention should be paid to water mills.

To search at the depth of the metal detector is not needed, you will need a special search magnet (see photo), although its cost is considerable.

magnet to find treasure in the water

It is necessary to carefully examine the shore: it happens that coins are thrown away, and no one pays attention to them. It is worth paying attention to the thickets of reeds, as there can also be some deposits.

How to find a treasure in the open area?

Searching for treasure in an open area without a device can also give a good result if you know where to look. You can even in the spring after digging to walk on your own garden and find an interesting coin. The fields deserve attention – it’s just a paradise for seekers. The technique removes a fairly large layer of earth, and so every year one layer after another. If you carefully examine such fields, you can stumble not just on a separate coin, and on a whole treasure. The best time for such searches is the beginning of spring or mid-autumn, when the entire harvest is already harvested.

to find a treasure without a metal detector

Of course, do not pass by the old collapsed houses. You can find suitable coins even by appearance: the walls are usually broken, under the whitewash ingesare beams, smeared with a special mixture of solutions.

Previously, when there were no metal detectors, some used a probe to find the treasure.

probe to search for treasure

The principle of action is quite primitive: a huge steel stick, which can easily pass a few meters deep in the ground. Walking through the plots, the seekers poked with a probe, and if he resisted, they began to dig. This search has one drawback: to find one coin or treasure is very difficult, as the chances of getting a thin probe into a small object is very small. Basically, this method was used to search for big things.

The search for a treasure without a metal detector can be successful only if something is buried on the selected site. Otherwise, to find a treasure without a metal detector we can only hope for luck.