Detect treasure with ground radar

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ground penetrating radar systems

Authentic ground radars, also referred to as GPR, allow the detection of metal targets and the cavities at inaccessible depths to other detection systems. But beware, a GPR is used not as easily as a metal detector. Indeed, there are a number of constraints to respect. Field must be completely dry, even in depth, because the moisture content in the soil causes a very significant reduction in the depth of detection. The ground must be perfectly flat, and not not behaved must stones or rocks on the surface, as with rough terrain it becomes very difficult even impossible to coach the radar on the ground, and many false signals appear. A georadar cannot detect deep objects with a minimum diameter of 30 centimeters, while many treasures have a diameter of less than 30 centimeters. These constraints explain why until today the GPR gave good results with regard to the detection of the treasures.

ground radar metal detectors

ground radar metal detectors The ground radar or GPR allows detection of very large objects or cavities at depths that no detector even with a frame can reach. Using a different frequency sensor can also focus on smaller targets. These devices, originally reserved for professional use in engineering, are democratized.

Rover UC UnderCover Ground Radar Systems

Rover UC (UnderCover) Ground Radar Systems All OKM technology that fits in the hand. Ideal for easy transport and remain discreet! The Rover UC metal detector inaugurated a new generation of compact measuring apparatus and cannot be recognized as a metal detector. With the smartphone as a central unit you get the performance.

Ground radars to search for buried treasure deep

Ground radars to search for buried treasure deep It is recommended that ground radars to search for buried treasure, and detect underground cavities, such as tombs, tunnels and foundations with secret caches. Ground radar differs from classic metal detector technology and strength. Find metal detector gold to maximum 60 centimeters at ground radars.

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