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Metal Detectors Videos, Below is our recommended metal detecting, gold prospecting videos. For more updated videos on YouTube, Detector Minelab specialises in sales, Garrett, XP, Fisher, Pro metal detector. Here are some of my favorite treasure hunting videos because they’re really determine disclosure is metal how amazing and well you never know what you can.

Metal Detector sdc2300

Minelab SDC 2300 Metal Detector Finds Gold Review

Minelab sdc2300-Compact, waterproof gold detector with simple controls! A great helper when looking for gold nuggets weighing less than 1 gram both in water and on land. Compact Very convenient to carry in folded: 21cm on 40cm. Placed in hand luggage and most backpacks.  Water resistant It is possible to dive completely under the […]

GO-FIND 60 Metal Detector Review

go find 60 metal detector

MINELAB Go-Find 60-The newest detector, which embodied the cosmic ideas of engineers and designers, but, like the younger devices in this star trio, it literally strikes your imagination, creating a completely new understanding of the phrase ” Metal Detector search, because from now on to search will be cardinally easier, faster, more convenient! Benefits of […]

GO-FIND 40 Metal Detector

Garrett Ace 250 vs X-Terra 305

MineLab Go Find 40 is made for a comfortable search: -Enlarged to 10 inches, compared to Go find 20, the reel will expand the search area; -Additional LED indication; -the function of precise target determination (Pintpointer) will allow to save time and effort in search of small items; -With Bluetooth and a special application you […]

GO-FIND 20 Metal Detector

2016 Top Metal Detectors

The metal detector is made of light and durable plastic, so it weighs only 1 kg! The device sits comfortably and securely in your hand. In folded form at a length of 55.5 cm, placed in a regular backpack or bag. With simple control, even the child will be disassembled.  Features of Minelab Go-Find […]

Makro Deephunter 3D Pro Package

Makro Deephunter 3D Pro Package

The best metal Detector in 2018 is Makro Deephunter 3d Pro Package, which has no analogues in the world. It is a full-fledged georadar, capable of detecting deep targets, individual coins, ornaments, precious metals and even emptiness, around the objects of interest. The picture is displayed in 3d. Consequently, the device displays an image of […]

Detech EDS Gold Catcher

Detech EDS Gold Catcher

Top detectors for treasure search replenishes the model Detech EDS Gold Catcher, which will appeal to most experienced detectives. A truly worthwhile gift with a wide range of applications: from finding jewelry to pure gold. Thanks to the convenient control of discrimination regimes it is very easy to set up a search for a particular […]