Explanation of some ancient coins of unknown description

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Explanation of some ancient coins of unknown description
Many amateurs have unidentified currencies and unreasonable that browses all hobbyist sites NetBook because it is not logical that there should be a site or source book contains all currencies and hardship that search includes all sections but you must initial and preliminary steps to determine which sections of the sites or references where possible be limited to books search … Any research in later books NetBook more specialization and to identify any unknown as a beginner you key things to be knowledge and audit
First _ language, letters or any signs or symbols written on the coin
II _ no classification forms or graphics does currency ausor animal or a picture of a person or a tree or a plant or drawing of inanimate does not reflect the living thing
III write down any dates or numbers written on the coin
IV _ currency design
VA _ currency situation
It doesn’t matter the type of metal made of it identifiable if currency and may be helpful in the case of valuation and pricing and is not a requirement, there are bronze and copper coins and lower the value of the metal price came to more than gold but might be useful if the same coin mskokh different minerals from the albronzawalvdh awalzehb in this case preferential price for gold, lower minimum but the general rule in the valuation and pricing of currency scarcity is not the type of metal
Let us begin the first step with any anonymous work to try to identify them
First language or languages are familiar characters in Latin and Arab currencies, Asian and Jewish each distinctive and independent alphabet either ancient Indian and Persian and Russian, including some letters in common with Latin and very little with Arab and other characters specific to each so identification must rely on photos and there is a Babylonian, Assyrian and ancient Egyptian, and alphabet symbols like if would be better if every amateur blogger table which forms these characters to help to identify the type of currency easily if Latino characters They are European origin if not dated either Greek or Roman or bizantet or old Irish, if dated, often after the fourth century awalkhams and belong to a European independent kingdoms in medieval Arabic, if characters are either Islamic or pre-Islamic and so other characters move in the currency of the other stage and next step
The second phase in identifying currency notation any shapes or graphics or images if the currency is not inscribed pictures for any
And no animal nor anything animated district, religious currency cyan either Jewish or Christian or Islamic and represents an era of power to influence and spread this religion in that region if the leaf like figs or grapes or grape cluster or the like or shape formative helicopters or Palm or any inanimate Jewish currency even if free of any character from Jewish Hebrew characters and represents an era of power to influence this religion, you should look for in Jewish currency Although currency-free images
And symbols such as a cross or Latin letters or words that only code within the loop or atarmstder of thorns or collar of leaves olive chips or Crown and no pictures, Christian tanisitrh a certain currency more stresses in Christianity are rare if there were pictures of symbols diinih as Christ or al-‘ ADRA individually or collectively the Christian Orthodox or Catholic currency often in albisanti age and you can look at the currency of NetBook or other currencies albizantet if A faceted cross or write the other side of the King, the Roman currency Christian in the third century a.d. and the influence of Christian Catholic and you’re looking for in Roman currency after the third century most of those currencies Judaism or Christianity struck Jerusalem which saw considerable competition in the imposition of religious influence on the region and is what is happening now and if the currency in letters or Arabic-Arabic-like tangled and don’t read or tangled with a primitive are pre-Islamic and of scarcity if you read
And the photos are in the beginning of Islam, you should look in to Arabic Umayyad or Scythian coins there are very rare in Arab or Arab-Romanian albisanti but of scarcity and if the currency does not have photos and blogger from sides or one lyrics meanings or Islamic verses are done to the era of force in Islam and limited currency in the time between the Umayyad to Mamluk and here you need currency for another stage for more knowledge if not very old blog from duplex Write the names of sultans or Kings and devoid of any currency or Islamic words and images are Ottoman and you’re looking for in Ottoman and you certainly recorded history and that the currency was free of any familiar characters or advanced fee simple or primitive forms in written as sticks or rings or the like currency BC
Characteristics of albizantet currencies
1_ language or characters used Latin origin meaning such as English and European letters
2_ on currencies often write balkbital letter may be one character has up to 3 characters and most of the characters alkapital
M or K or P or X
And mostly character M is marked Empire and there may be other characters is written balkabital and permeate sides character lowercase or mostly religious Christian
3 sign cross + characteristic of albizantet Empire religion Christianity on some currencies
Often parish obverse portrait of the King or the King and Queen together but not sideways in the sense that you can from the perspective of the photo to see the entire face and eyes and pupils of the eyes in most currencies
To mount the image, mostly Hemi descend to a level beyond the neck shows a chest ornaments and decorations and Royal dress and sometimes longitudinal picture incomplete
6_ ‘s albizantet currency is not very well, either in the instrument or design or draw a picture of the King, painted facial features look simple and primitive characters is prosaic compared to Greek or Roman coins or Phoenician that analysts view state albizantet Christian belonged to Orthodox and rigid dominated not draw any features of organisms up to photography
Their round and currency of gold or silver or bronze or copper and beat gold coins and this reflects the economic situation of the country
8 _ hanging from the Crown or helmet head rings straddle the face covering ears and up to the level beyond the neck
9_ overcame some currency graphics the religious nature of the Governor’s most committed to the Church, including the rare picture of Christ or the Virgin Mary surrounded by semi-circular head Halo symbol of the brilliance and sanctification instead of a King in recognition of their entitlement to the Kingdom and may find coins shows King along with one they rest by
These are some of the main features of albizantet currencies
Characteristics of the Greek currency
1_ type characters are more characteristic of the Greek currency where romanization first wrote BC before their evolution and the origin of English and European letters and even resembles … As senior Greek Romanian walbzantet, less sophisticated characters in writing and you should overwrite any old Greek currency to punctuate that important point which greatly help in distinguishing the Greek currency from other ancient coins written in the same language Latin
2_ often write on the back of any currency on one side of the coin with characters scattered in the Center and is not ranked on the frame
3 in the currency in which the image of King that spot rarely write in Greek currency BC and there may be currency towards the end of the Greek State currency has become more sophisticated and find writing on the side I find it often currency window right side
4 _ currency often round but irregular rotation shows any sign of population notch grooving and round frame about charmingly uneven currency nearing the edge of the coin and the other end fades and very old currency shows the mintage near the middle where was coinage currency more primitive
Mount in Greek currency currency shows King often huge fills two-thirds of the currency and sometimes running into more and end up neck and does not extend to the bottom of most images look to right side
6_ ‘s often appears wavy or curly thick hair as a hairstyle characteristic of Greeks Kings
7 _ features a aloghmrsomh painterly well-defined features and expressive but not reaching the toll that the most sophisticated of Roman coins
All appear accurately drawn eyes look like real realistic like the image reflected the wisdom or Outlook or reverse the Romanian currency, which show the challenge and pride
9_ Crown shapes or shaped jagged edges or horns on the sides or Greek helmet and are square or rectangular side perspective on currency meaning you find helmet top horizontal head and straight down on either side of face and neck
With sometimes takes the Roman-like bar base but as we said hair looks wavy and more intensive and long and that separate him from the Roman
As catechism images on the back of currency for some birds of prey and powerful like a Hawk and Eagle and OWL and often large bird standing tallness and strength
12. There may be on the back of a bull or bronc animals such as the yalkoh and magnitude
These are some of the key traits that can identify ancient Greek coins, if one or some of the currency they are Greek so you can select the type of currency in which case you can find in the Greek currency on any site historical currencies depending on the shape of the picture to get the name of the currency selection and the name of the King and released date … You can continue to look at other locations … If you find Greek currency compatibility or approach her and the qualities of Greek currency applies, are rarities, but after a long search and confirmed all versions Greek currency code
The characteristics of Roman coins
Roman coins are among the most ancient coins neater and splendor in design … As they are more sophisticated in the art of drawing and writing. So you consider the Roman currency whatever small size find painted facial features perfectly so that characterized as stereoscopic … Even if the graphic for full body find splendor mastery and render … The use of Latin script writing was more sophisticated and easier to read and translate currency data primitive image written by Greek currencies … And currencies are the title and the proof that civilization progress reflects the grandeur of the ancient empire.
And Roman coins of varying sizes depending on the categories of large sizes, medium sizes, very small and is the latest where the Roman Empire developed … They also vary in the type of metals including gold, silver, bronze and sometimes copper. The Romanian currency more ancient coins and pervasive presence is due to the significant factors I alambratorihalromanet arrived from widening its influence even spread throughout their whole country situated on the Mediterranean Sea … Even the Mediterranean Sea was called in old maps of the Lake Roman (ROMANIAN LAKE) …And even expanded the Empire to the depths in Europe from ancient Rome Italy even included most European countries to ancient Britain and crossed into Africa and Mauritania, North Africa to Egypt, the Sinai and North Island Arabic land of Syria and reached the Caspian Sea countries was the greatest empire in terms of widening its influence and size and abundance of their mandates. The second reason that the Roman empire stretched for up to more than 1,000 years of the third century BC to the 6th century AD. Despite the demise of their mandates is to take place near the end but managed to keep gossip until the eleventh century a.d. … Cath every State Governor has followed the Roman Caesar in Rome … And currency created arbitrarily state name, the Governor and the name of the Tsar and the period in which your name and Crown … This is because of the large number and diversity of Roman currency. And you would keep or not but up some currencies from astronomical prices value of rarity and value in the history of the Roman Empire. Have you and begin by explaining the qualities of knowledge exchange and Noor
1 _ most currencies find King pictures as seen from the right side and always highlight the nose in tallness and greatness
2 _ my head rbaz hanging backward link like bvionkh on orthopedic back
3 sometimes found him or the jagged Crown unusual bulges up and often matlbes Queens Crown simple covers part of Cape besik front
Hair story Roman parish very distinctive on the front (like short story)
5 _ mostly Latino type characters you type capital
6_ ‘s currency data type either the name of the ruling Tsar, mandate and other write in currency around surrounding King or front and back
7 _ always appear three-dimensional facial features with a focus on to draw the gaze elaya which looks powerful and penetrating her in defiance and pride
The background of the coin
1 _ wehoftrh-time Romanian State wars altosabh from 2nd century BC to the third century AD. Find a picture of a soldier or Knight or Warrior … Sometimes more than one. And be standing in a stick or sword or something … Or battling another Knight or animal …
2 _ sometimes find two but extended to peace as an icon or other treaty
3 _ pictures of animals, mostly imagined been cart … Or a lion or OX or deer and rarely face only to HP for example
4 _ a picture of a building in Rome or to limit the
Then features currency exchange after turning the Romans to Christianity with the beginning of the third century
5. find the background cross inside a loop
6 _ or write inside the round collar of olive leaf or hollow or thorns symbol of Christ which collar placed on his head during his trial also believes Christianity
7 _ draw one or more wings or Mare suites