okm bionic 01 metal detector price

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okm bionic 01 metal detector price

Bionic 01 for long-distance gold locator , and more used to detect gold and silver objects .

Bionic 01 Who can help discover the treasures of gold and silver in the distance, he can determine the natural gold nuggets , gold veins , but also to identify underground gold items such as gold jewelry, and much more. In addition Bionic 01 can not find mountains, forests , coasts , deserts and jungles and other places of gold. It’s not easy to use in a dry surface only , even if the meeting moist soil , and no problems. When the ions and magnetic field , Bionic 01 for ions and magnetic sensing area is very sensitive to the surrounding areas , which is why Bionic 01 in sparsely populated and natural environment of the building , however, more accurate detection results .

Using Face Bionic 01 in different directions , and then horizontally from left to right or right to left , step , this detector will detect dumping gold and silver. If the parties to explore the existing objects of gold or silver , it will immediately appear on the screen or beeps .

Bionic 01 Long Range Gold and Silver Detector

In order to understand the exact distance and location of the target , it is necessary to repeat the above steps , it is called a precise positioning . Go to the right or left side of the first anchor from 75 to 150 feet (25-50 meters), and then repeat the test again. Switch the display in one direction, you can at the intersection of the two nodal points highlight the target position . While we repeat this action , you can get more precise destination. The following figure shows the operating principle .

okm bionic 01 metal detector price


OKM Bionic 01 – Long Range Gold