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(Scientific exploration of subsoil system)
The PROTEK is a revolutionary new detection system – examination of the subsoil.
The PROTEK evolved between 1997 and 2001 from electronic, mechanical and geophysical researchers, who worked with German and Czech universities, then private initiative.
Based on the method and technology of LO.R. f. a. D a new technology for the detection of targets when they are away from the interviewer.
The name of this technology LO.R. f. a. D translated to following: (field anomaly detection By distance) and is a method which has thrived after long-term observations and conclusions from the electrochemical behaviour of large quantities of gold in the ground.
Our long-term observations showed that metals in PARTICULAR the GOLD when left for long periods on the ground tend to produce activity from minor bodily emissions the energy fields, where on special conditions, the surround.

Maximum calculated depth extremely conductive material (GOLD Thiamine’s for ABOUT 45 YEARS and OVER 2 KGS) likely depth of 2, 5 m near the shore, river level.
The appeal can be changed drastically due to the natural phenomenon of electrochemical molecular migration ( energy levels phenomenon), and the creation and distribution of isotope particle behavior.
There are also other factors affecting this phenomenon, such as soil moisture and air.
The electric field – poltergeist of conductive metal volume – mass grows also from long stay and the presence of metal in the Earth.
This produces an uneven pattern, which is detected by methodology LO.R. f. a. D and therefore we can crawl < < hot gold points > > and consequently the existence of gold in the ground.



The operator operates the protek rotating a full 360-degree circle and takes a distinctive sound and visible indication needle body  when found in straight with point of anomaly field, also with the triangulation method, can find the point of anomaly field.
Detection distance: approx. 330 meters
Operation autonomy: 8 – 10 hours




Before you operate the PROTEK follow carefully the following instructions:
1. Screw tightly and as loud tight the antenna system and the handle.
2. Insert the safety key and steepest to the right in order to feed the PROTEK power.
3. Hold the device horizontally and point to the place BEING the switch on/OFF and adjust the volume.
4. adjust the switch FINE so that the needle of the instrument sees the number (39 85) and listen to the distinctive middle tone sound, which shows that there is a balance and it is ready the operator to start the investigation.
5. adjusting the COARSE switch the sensitivity decreases and consequently the distance of detection.
6. Now slowly scan the area, making a full circle of 360 degrees. The anomaly field (HOT POINT) is located on the straight where we will have a complete change of tone of sound, and in particular would listen intensely high tone.
7. Use the method of triangulation from three different points. to detect the location of your target with great precision.
The PROTEK is operator friendly and requires no special knowledge of the experience.