Deepers X 5 metal detector

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DEEPERS – Deepers X 5

Deepers X 5 metal detector

Model 2012 Deepers x 5, French manufacturing. This detector uses pulse induction technology so it has great power and is very reliable. Deepers X 5 has a multi-frequency system which allows the operator to choose ideal frequency according to the prospectado terrain, its mineralization, or local interference. Frequency variable from 550 Hertz up to 950 Hertz, over 400 available frequencies to accommodate any type of prospecting, even in difficult terrain with high mineralization or presence of rock masses.
It is a very easy to use with its semiautomatic tuning system (Auto Tune) which allows to retain the chosen sound level which is the prospectado field.
The Deepers X 5 has various coils: cane (1), coil DD Litz (2), 20 cm (3) winding the bobbin, bobbin hypersensitiva (4), 1 m x 1 m (5) box, which allows you to reach 5 m in depth.
Both 20 cm coil and coil cane are included in the basic package, which also includes: headphones, rechargeable lithium battery, manual in Spanish, carrying case for transport and cases for each coil.
Autonomy of 12 to 16 hours depending on the used spool and the chosen frequency. The Deepers X 5 is equipped with a semi-automatic system Ground Sensor that allows a search with great stability. This system allows prospecting without having to constantly fix the sound level of the detector. The new Deepers X 5 works with static/dynamic tracking which gives more grunt and power of penetration.
The Deepers X 5 includes the Drop Gold Silver system that allows detection of gold and silver with ease.
The Deepers X 5 is equipped with a new system of highly efficient discrimination that drew any ferrous objects of a certain size that pass near the coil which prevents digging for nothing or to discover an old Tin, a pail or a Horseshoe. In such a case the REJET diode flashes and sound is momentarily cut just above the waste. The height of discrimination is adjustable with the detector’s discrimination potentiometer which allows to determine the size of the unwanted targets to eliminate. And to pass over a coin or jewel these are located perfectly without any problem. It is not unnecessarily caved.
System of memorization.
When we discover a target with weak echo is enough to pass again sometimes over white with a sweep regular coil of back and forth so that the appliance memorize the weak signal and increase the noise level whenever it passes the coil. The Deepers X 5 is the only device on the market that has this peculiarity of very useful, particularly for the localization of deep targets in relation to its volume. So a coin of 35 millimeters in diameter (gold, silver, copper or bronze) will be well detected at 35 or 40 cm and up to 45 cm in depth with this new exclusive system of Deepers. A voluminous white buried good such as a treasure, will take advantage of the same technical development and will be detected at a still greater depth. It is a unique advancement only Deepers offers to its clientele.
The Deepers are the most famous detectors on the market, chosen by thousands of fans from the detection in the world. The Deepers X 5 does not fail to rule but also innovates in many aspects.
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