Is it possible to make gold

Causes resulting in a decline in prices for gold

This will cause a naive question, likely opposite answers. Few enthusiasts will assert certainly did! And even now there are still coins that say that they are made of gold, resulting alchemical way. Others, representing the majority of thinking rationally, not less conviction will persist all alchemists were charlatans at best, and at worst – scams and alchemy in general not a science but an insane mother daughter – chemistry.
Not to get involved immediately in a stormy debate, try to start with a simple question: is it possible to get the gold out of something else? The simplest answer, like, “No, because if someone knew how to do it, it would have done it in huge quantities,” we are not satisfied. After all, no doubt that today we do not know many secrets that were known to the wise men and magicians of antiquity and even simple artisans. With all the power and perfection of modern construction techniques, we are not able to build the pyramids, Egyptian repeating, although they were built thousands, if not tens or even hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Best Frequency for Detecting Gold

Best Frequency for Detecting Gold

frequency of gold in hz gold natural frequency ,Highest gold proof coin is 999.9. Achieving absolute frequency of gold is impossible. Alchemists use gold to change the frequency of the body, Gold: cost, sample rate, buying, gold varieties resonance frequency oscillations of the electrons associated with the size.frequency of elements ,Many manufactures list their operating frequency as low as 2 kHz on up. so far, is coins, rings, relics and possibly gold prospecting.

Goldingate plus 3D

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Goldingate plus 3D   GoldenGate with hidden everything will unfold. Traditional detectors for gold ordering using gitiringoldingati expertise plus for 3D for the first time in the world in real time with the relationship signal-shape and size the target signal throughout the metal for scanning. GOLDENGATE PLUS in 3D GPS. Another feature that comes with […]

Lorenz LPX2 metal detectors

Lorenz LPX2 metal detectors

Lorenz LPX2 metal detectors Lorenz lbeks 2 LPX2Metal Minelab detector Lorenz LPX2 Lorenz Applications Lorenz lbeks 2 working metal detector is very sensitive and stable measuring instrument. Is based on the principle of “pulse induction” which allows detection of metal objects at great depths. Will be detected large metal objects several meters while using large […]

Use in security systems, safety and protection

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Use in security systems, safety and protection In addition to the multiple uses of metal detectors with different technologies, there are other important uses. The surveillance devices installed at the entrances to important institutions such as airports used metal detector technology magnetic pulse induction manual inspection equipment used by security officers using metal detectors with […]

The jewellery industry and handicrafts

The jewellery industry and handicrafts

The jewellery industry and handicrafts More gold metals kidnapped for attention because of the wonderful glow and is most intense and shiny and is less corrosion might be exposed to metals and purity affect gold prices, since human antiquity excelled in gold and jewellery industry and creativity in the jewellery industry and handicrafts, made of […]

Gold Extraction

Types of searches for gold

  There are primitive ways in gold extraction is to filter small pieces of gold by water and other methods using machine This alsortmthl some ways to extract and extract gold Information on how gold gold extraction from the soil or stones or impurities Yellow metal shining as blocks can reverse light either his blades […]

Look what I found

piece of gold and some precious stones.

Look what I found and I want you to do you advise me to do stuff like this archaeological value and do her clients This you me thanks and appreciation       How obtained by chance is gone and his colleague trip outside the city to the desert and see similar grave for pie, […]

Ways to learn Romanian currency instrument cities

how to clean coins that are green

Everything old is beautiful especially if heritage, Roman currency, from ancient coins that researchers looking for right and currencies with the metal detector is the most beautiful Ways to learn Romanian currency instrument cities We begin with the first city Cities in Roman currency instrument ranging from twenty-five city First Alexandria Alexandria NYSE Exchange comes […]