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Gold detectors are specialized metal detectors designed specifically for the detection of gold.

They are highly sensitive devices that can differentiate between various types of metals but are particularly optimized for detecting small gold nuggets or flakes.

These detectors are designed to detect gold in various environments, including in soil, water, and other mineralized areas.

They are equipped with advanced features such as pulse induction technology, which helps eliminate unwanted signals and enhance the detection of small gold targets.

Additionally, gold detectors often have adjustable frequencies and sensitivity levels to accommodate different ground conditions and target sizes.

what is the price range for gold detectors

The price range for gold detectors can vary significantly based on several factors such as brand, features, technology, and quality. According to the search results:

Gold detector prices can start as low as $85-$100 for basic models and go up to $680-$750 for more advanced detectors with additional features and capabilities.

Professional gold detectors with exceptional depth range and performance can cost as much as $7000 or more.

The price of a gold detector is influenced by factors like the brand, retailer, features, quality, and the technology used in the device.

The cost of gold detectors can also be affected by the detection technology employed, with some technologies requiring more expensive components and thus leading to higher prices.

The price range for gold detectors can also be impacted by additional factors like shipping costs, discounts, and the specific features offered by the detector.

In summary, the price range for gold detectors can vary widely, starting from around $85 for basic models and going up to several thousand dollars for professional-grade detectors with advanced features and technology.

Explore treasures hobby ‘ thousands of people around the world for fun and profit. With rising gold prices and arrival is highest, gold became the most metal for treasure hunters. But there are some things you should know before setting out in gold.


How to use gold detector Gold Step

Getting started

Visit the federations and competent bodies to detect gold, this would help you to gather some useful information on the whereabouts of gold near your area. So find out the most appropriate place to search for gold and other artifacts.


Gold is usually in State Parks and public property and need permission from the authorities concerned. In other cases, inviting treasure hunters on private property to search for hidden objects and gold artifacts. In accordance with the rules applicable where you live, you can go on a journey searching for gold in many places legally allowed as public school, church or beaches.

Supermarkets helps in detecting gold

Although the title may seem incredible, the fact that many supermarkets such as Wal-Mart encouraged researchers to explore gold and FMDAC tying (The Federation of Metal Detector and Archaeological Clubs Inc) that allow to view the discovered treasures in the shops offer which provides important information and additional to treasure hunters.

Search in places where gold was found by

It is best to choose places gold was found was raising the proportion of found gold in these spots. There are many places and mines containing large numbers of prospectors for gold where gold is relatively easy.
Gold has become a hit among amateurs and professionals alike to the special place that gold became occupied. However you will need equipment and modern equipment for detection of gold and that will guide you to gold deposits easily.

Should gold ideal detector should be able to find gold in the most difficult places and hyped up places like hard rock terrain, dry sand, and gravel. Choose gold detector determines your destiny either successful or unsuccessful. Experiment with different metal detectors adjustable which often gives good results for all minerals discovered especially for beginners. In turn experienced prefer using one device which is rate manually by the user.