The difference between white gold and Platinum

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Which is better? Jewelry yellow gold or white gold.

    Which is better? Jewelry yellow gold or white gold.  

correction gold prices sparked unprecedented interest investing precious metals Gold, silver , palladium and platinum - to buy more profitable
Gold and silver bullion and coins

Platinum is typically more expensive than white gold due to its purity and rarity.

White gold may require re-plating over time to maintain its appearance, which can add to the long-term cost.

Platinum develops a natural patina over time, which is viewed as desirable and gives it an antique feel, reducing the need for maintenance.

Both white gold and platinum are safe to wear, but platinum is often preferred by individuals with sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic.

These differences in composition, durability, price, maintenance, and hypoallergenic properties make white gold and platinum suitable for different preferences and needs when choosing jewelry.

Platinum vs White Gold Top 5 Differences


The difference between white gold and Platinum

“White gold is a mixture of gold with 12% of day, or 15% nickel, and gold color could be inclined to pink color mixing with 5% vdaho 20% copper, green, greenish color produced from mixing 75% gold, 25% silver, or mazenk + cadmium. And the color is tilted to blue if mixing gold with little iron, NASS mixing gold with 20% aluminium, the resulting color is is purple, you can control the degree of redness gold by lifting or lowering the proportion of copper added “


Gold solid enough for the jewelry industry, but when mixed with copper or silver or nickel or Platinum to increase its hardness and, at the same time impart distinct colors, few brass give it redder in color, either silver, they give it a tinge of whiteness, either increase the proportion to 25% Platinum or nickel to 15% it produces alloy called (white gold) “

Conclusion: the gold in his yellow and white in origin, but may be added to change the color to white materials.


yellow gold but added Palladium mechanism rather than silver or copper, therefore there are in stores for white gold bullets as yellow and quite well known that adding silver or copper to gold is helmed by a gold, and does not allow its use, as well as the addition of Palladium.


Because it’s really gone yellow, but added to it a changed its color to white.


And after asking owners of vendors and chiefdom jeweler, reported that white gold is known as yellow gold, and after adding it to a specific article is about 5-10% to change its color from yellow to white, members of other colors, making it resemble the other metals, and there was much use lately.

So some sellers claim that white gold is the misfortunes to raise the price of that metal (country day) is pegged at less than half the price of gold

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