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Dowsing rods industry to search for burials

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About Dowsing

Dowsing rods industry to search for burials may be copper bars, the best way to search for burials and especially cheap price compared with the price of high-price hardware

dowsing rods

The art of old used to search for water, buried treasure and even missing. Here is what it is, how it works, and the methods and tools – and how you can learn to look

Could be a man walks through an empty field with Y-shaped stick in both hands strange sight. What does it do? Either it’s driving some strange parade, and solitary. Or it is doosing.

What is doosing?

Doosing, in General, is the art of finding hidden objects. Usually, it is with the help of a stick or rod, pendulum dowsing. Also known as predict and magic water, dodliboging, and other names, dowsing is an ancient practice are lost in long-forgotten history. However, it is believed to date back at least 8,000 years. Murals, it is estimated that about 8,000 years old wall, were discovered in the caves of the Tassili of North Africa depict tribesmen surrounding a man with a forked stick, maybe doosing of water.

The artwork seems to be from China and ancient Egypt to show people using forked tools in what may have been doosing. Dowsing has been mentioned in the Bible, although no name, when Moses and Aaron “rod to locate water. Accounts in writing unequivocal first immersion comes from the middle ages when used doosirs in Europe to help find coal deposits. During the centuries XV and XVI, were often denounced doosirs as practitioners of evil. Martin Luther said that immersion was the “work of the devil” (hence the term “water magic”).

Dowsing has been used in modern times, to search for water wells, mineral deposits, oil, buried treasure, antiques-missing up. How dowsing technique was first discovered is unknown, but those who practice it on the assurances that it works. (For more information on the history of dowsing, see dowsing: ancient history.)

How dowsing works?

Quick answer that no one really knows-doosirs not so experienced. Some theories there is a psychological relationship between the dossier to the object. All living and non-living things, the theory suggests, possesses the strength and energy. Dossier, focusing on hidden object, able to listen to the force, energy or “bumping” object, which, in turn, forces the dowsing rod or stick to move. Dowsing tool may work as a sort of amplifier or antenna to tune in.

Skeptics say, of course, immersion is not working at all. They claim, are doosirs who seem to have a track record of success, either lucky or they have good instincts, knowledge trainers for water and minerals and the like can be found in. Believer or skeptic, there is no conclusive evidence either way.

However, Albert Einstein, was convinced of the validity of dowsing. He said, “I know very well that many scientists consider immersion as they do astrology, as a kind of ancient myths. As this conviction, however, not justified.Dowsing rod is a simple tool that shows the human nervous system reaction to some factors that are unknown to us at this time.