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Look what I found In the category Ancient coins more articles and learn more information about Look what I found Reviews Price Specifications Features Image manuals videos Accessories All this in metal detectors for gold.
Look what I found and I want you to do you advise me to do stuff like this archaeological value and do her clients
This you me thanks and appreciation
 piece of gold and some precious stones.
piece of gold and some precious stones.
How obtained by chance is gone and his colleague trip outside the city to the desert and see similar grave for pie, I didn’t pit nearby meters and won the Romanian currency scattered inside the hole with dirt on the coin or jewellery is in the tomb and found skeletal remains and return into place and bury him after what brought me tell me story
I told him go back and etch the second time be the taste either trove still pit
If the original Yes value
And precious value
Originally hand appreciates my brother brought on any jewelry store estimated is useful in terms of price it is Muslim and I think my brother it’s precious, I see a piece of gold and some precious stones.
Either price, honest I do not know, I’m not a specialist in these matters but wait my brother probably work one serving brothers these things


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