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Fisher F11 Metal Detector is able to operate in three different modes: jewelry, Coin and artifact. Includes Pinpoint and a system of adjustment of sensitivity and volume. There are 4 beeps audio and 9 segments with Target ID.

Works just a 9V battery. It’s a lightweight metal detector that weighs only 1 kg. It comes standard with a concentric plate of 7 inch elliptical and water resistant. The operating frequency is 7.69 kHz.

Fisher F11 Metal Detector features:

3 search modes: jewelry, COIN and ARTIFACT
9 Visual segments to identify targets.
4 identifying of audio tones.
6 adjustable sensitivity levels and volume.
Waterproof concentric 7 inch plate.
Ultra-light only 1 kilo. Operational weight.
Operating frequency. 7,69 kHz.

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