Homemade metal detector

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Homemade metal detector


Circuit diagram for a Homemade metal detector, and a description of the design of the detector base and precious metals, able to detect objects at a depth of 2.3 meters. Between amateur radio using designs of special interests that help in detecting metal objects hidden in the ground.
Especially if they are small in size, occur in much depth . Sound circuitry of such devices, called by analogy with known military development, metal detectors and descriptions is quite workable designs a lot posted in various technical Journals, but they are often trained, experienced  with good facilities, scarce details.


Homemade metal detector


How to make a simple metal detector with improvised tools

Well, the sensitivity of the detector. It can be gauged by the fact that using the device easy to be found, for example, a copper coin with a diameter of 20 mm and a thickness of 1.5 mm at a depth of 0.9 m.
Principle of action. It is based on comparing the two bands. One of them is the reference, and the other is changing. And its variations are dependent on the appearance of the highly sensitive search coil of metal objects.
 homemade accurate gold locator -metal detector that can be reasonably attributed the design reference generator is running at, on an order of magnitude different from the one that appears in the search coil.

How to make a metal detector in their home

In our case the reference generator is implemented on two logical elements NOT zee-integral DD2. Its frequency is stable and is determined by Quartz resonator ZQ1 (1 Mhz).


The same generator with frequency changing is made on the first two elements of IP DD1. Resonant here formed a search coil condensers C2 and L1, N and varikapom Here. (A) to adjust the frequency 100 kHz is a potentiometer R2, specifies the required voltage VD1 varikapu.
Homemade metal detector. As buffer amplifiers signal uses logical elements of DD and DD 2.3 1.3, 1.4 running on DD mixer. An indicator is a high resistivity phone Cap BF1.
C10 capacitor is used as a shunt for the high-frequency component coming from the mixer.

How to make a Homemade metal detector

The metal detector is powered by a DC voltage of 9 v. and since high stabilization is not necessary here, used battery type “krona”. Successfully work as a filter capacitor C8 and C9.
Coil requires special attention and precision in the manufacture. Wrap-it on vinyl pipe with an outside diameter of 15 mm and 10 mm, internal, bent in the shape of a circle 00200 mm. Spool contains 100 turns of wire PEV-0, 27.
When winding will be performed, it is twisted aluminum foil to create electrostatic screens (reduce the influence of capacitance between the coil and ground). It is important to avoid the electrical contact between the wire winding and sharp edges of foil. In particular, will help here  obliquely.
And to protect the aluminum coating from damage further insulating wrap around coil banding tape. The diameter of the coil can be and others. But it is smaller than the whole device ‘ sensitivity becomes higher, but metal objects hidden search area narrows.

How to make your own metal detector?

When you increase the diameter of the coil there is a reverse effect. Work with the metal detector as follows. Placing the search coil in close proximity to the Earth’s surface, adjust potentiometer R2 generator. So that the primer in a telephone sound not auditioned. When the coil is above the Earth’s surface (very close to the last) and one looks for the coveted seat on a sound in telephone primer.
When you use the device discussed above in order to find hidden objects of archaeological and cultural sites requires prior permission from the relevant authorities.
 Homemade metal detector

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