Fisher F75 Metal Detector

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Fisher F75 Metal Detector

Fisher F75

Fisher F75 Metal Detector

Fisher F75 Metal Detector

The Gold Bug DP was designed with a purpose: finding gold.
Mode discrimination of iron and Gold Bug DP audio signal, you may hear those deep and weak signals while eliminating signs that may emit “hot” rocks or other ferrous objects (metal junk).
Main features:
Powerful operating frequency of 71 kHz, extreme sensitivity to small gold nuggets, even on soils highly mineralized, thanks to an advanced circuit to increase the depth of searching for gold nuggets in highly mineralized soils.
“Discrimination of iron” mode to remove hot rocks and iron of the sensing objects.
Ability to operate in highly mineralized soils.
Three modes of Auto-adjust with two-speed tracking, search for nuggets in almost any terrain condition.
Sealed, dust and moisture-resistant control panel. (Caution: do not immerse in water the Control box)
Amplifier audio for weak signals.
3 search modes: discrimination of iron, normal and increased audio.
Three levels of ground mineralization: high, Normal, low.
Ergonomic, lightweight design with support for the arm.
It works with 2 batteries of 9 volts.
DD 11 “, standard search coil, elliptical, water resistant.
Input for headphones.