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The search for a valuable metal at a high price always attracts people. Agree, it is nice to find gold coins or jewelry, or even gold nuggets. In this article, let’s consider what are the best metal detectors to find gold, compare the most popular models and help you choose the device with the optimal combination of cost and reviews.

Nowadays very popular research for various minerals buried underground and in seas, jewelry, gold and ancient coins are all an area of ​​interest to many. More and more people want to uncover ancient secrets or find true treasures. For centuries, the most common precious metal was gold. The most attractive are gold jewelry, as well as gold bars and coins. For some, searching is a fun job, and for others it is a favorite pastime. Previously, it took a lot of time and effort to find gold, because it was necessary to find places where there are gold nuggets and expensive equipment to get them. Today you can buy metal detectors to find gold, which everyone can feel like a treasure hunter.

If you are wondering which metal detector is looking for gold, then any metal detector can be found on gold jewelry or coin, it all depends on user settings and device capabilities. If you set out to find gold jewelry or coins, then you need to choose models of devices that distinguish gold signals from signals of black metals that have no value.

latest metal detectors

latest metal detectors

For some, the search for gold is the main profit for some, and for others a great way to have a good time. The quality of the metal detector depends largely on the end result. The problem is that there are many types of metal detectors, and also different prices, underground metal detectors, underwater, semi-professional and professional models it is difficult to decide what to choose. Consider the ranking of the best metal detectors in 2019 among different types of detectors.

In compiling the list, we took into account the opinion of both professionals and first time buyers. In addition to the reviews, the price / quality ratio was taken into account based on their characteristics of the models listed below.

Features Selection of metal detector for gold

Let’s try to find out which metal detector is best to look for gold? Searches for gold products have some privacy. The gold properties of conductivity and the distinguishing range of metals have similar parameters with oxidized iron, which is why the metal detector for gold coins should provide a wide range of black metals. Coins and jewelry made of precious metals are mostly small in size, so the device must also have a high sensitivity to small objects.

Metal Detector Requirements for Gold Research

When asked how to select a metal detector for gold, we will answer it in order to effectively search for gold coins and jewelry The device must have the following functions:

Discrimination. Distinguished by the precious metal of black oxidized minerals, it is found in a depth of more than 20 cm can be seen by the device and black minerals. In particular, this applies to ancient gold and precious metals. For this reason, a wide range of metal detector searches should be provided to clearly separate precious metals and rusted products. Thanks to this feature, you can make clearer adjustments to search for gold coins and jewelry.

Sensitivity of metal detector. The gold metal detector should easily detect even small items. These options have a search coil that detects gold even in aquatic environments.

Settings on the ground. It is not often that precious metals seekers find meaningful research on pure black earth soil. In most cases, gold is in a very metallic environment, which negatively affects the effectiveness of searches. On the beach, the barrier to search is salty sand. Therefore, automatic and manual settings are needed to improve efficiency.

Types of metal detectors for gold and privacy

We will answer this question, which metal detectors interact with world and specialized gold. Global devices give the opportunity to search for different purposes, including finding gold. This type of metal detector features an extended range of options that can be manually adjusted to search for ancient coins, jewelry and other gold products.

Expensive specialized devices have been developed with the aim of successfully researching and detecting gold even in areas that the standard device cannot handle.

The ability of the metal detector to detect gold depends on the capabilities of the metal detector. The market offers different models in a wide price range, you just need to understand which metal detector for gold meets your expectations.

Priority parameters are discrimination and integrity of the search coil. The second property means the depth at which the device is lowered underwater for research. Many coils in modern models are filled with compound to ensure maximum underwater tightness. The depth of diving depends on the length of the rope and the hose of the coil, in most cases the depth of diving varies within 30-50 cm.

Standard metal detectors have adequate settings for beach use for amateur purposes. Professionals use devices of different class, which have big differences:

Devices have selective discrimination. Expensive models have a display that displays a scale with slices for some metal layers. You can add or remove metals from the search range with settings.
The presence of an airtight coil, allowing searches not only to land, but also underwater;
The function of silencing external sounds and interference for use on soil with high minerals.

It is better, of course, to look at a few options yourself, to look at it to say “your eye” and feel what and how, hold in your hands, try to find something. It is necessary to pay attention to new products, as science goes forward, buying a metal detector to look for gold can be with higher characteristics and modernity. There are metal detectors for beginners, for professionals and amateurs. There are also different models: ground and underwater. Of course, the higher the price of metal detector, the better its quality. With the purchase of a metal detector, you can realize not only your dreams, but also your family’s dreams to find something extraordinary. It is a search for new adventures and a guarantee of unforgettable experiences.

Millions of people around the world are using metal detectors to search for precious remains buried deep underground. Security services do not lag behind tourists and archaeologists. What do you need to know about this device and how to choose from the abundance of existing “same” metal detector ?, At the same time we will offer you an independent rating of the best metal detectors.

1. Minelab E-Trac PRO
2. Garrett AT Max
3. Minelab Go-Find
4. Garrett ACE 150
5. Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100

Criteria for selecting a metal detector to find gold

In the process of searching for gold products, coins, and jewelry, it is necessary to take into account certain search criteria. It is impossible to determine which metal detector is good for gold is based on one particular standard. For optimal selection, you need to take a total of parameters, based on the tasks that you plan to buy a metal detector, and financial opportunities.

Key criteria include:

Depth. Cheap models of precious metals can be found at a depth of 10-15 cm, and devices with an average price range detecting gold to a depth of up to 50 cm. Professional equipment can detect yellow metals at depths up to 2 m, but errors and errors are not uncommon.

Ability to distinguish between metals. Expensive models are equipped with the option of distinguishing more than three metals;

Digital definition of the target and the installation of precise coordinates. Some models are equipped with the option to accurately install the search coordinates;

Ground balance. Expensive models have a built-in option to jam the contaminated soil, making it much easier to find gold;

Iron sound mode or search programming. Allows you to set search parameters manually, which saves time and allows you to specifically customize your device to search for old coins or treasures.

Metal Detector Price Categories

Choosing which to buy metal detector to search for gold, we recommend focusing on the price category, because so you can determine which category of users are concentrated equipment.

If you plan to professionally look for ancient coins and treasures, the question that the metal detector is best to buy to find gold, the answer is unambiguous – choose a professional model with the latest technology. So you will have a better chance to find really precious and rare coins, jewelry, and treasures.

Compare the popular models of metal detectors
Here is a comparison table for you global metal detector indicators for gold coins and treasures made of precious metals. It is impossible to unequivocally answer which metal detector is best to find gold. After all, it depends on the area where the search is done, the clogged terrain with minerals and other debris, the depth of coins and other gold products.

Garrett AT Gold
Nokta Gold Finder
Fisher Gold Bug DP

Types of metal detectors

Metal detectors have been around for more than 100 years, and their original function was to find explosives. Since then, the concept of their work has hardly changed, but the improvement of technology over many decades has led to the development of different types of metal detectors that currently exist. There are usually three types of devices:

This metal detector technology is the most popular. The main distinguishing feature of this metal detector – two coils: transceiver.

Low frequency
Thanks to the built-in signal generator, these metal detectors change their frequency when the device approaches the desired object.

Pulse Induction Metal Detectors
Pulse metal detectors use single coils that act as transmitters and receivers. The device transmits the signal deep into the ground and then takes it back.

Which metal detector is best to buy?

Audio output
Despite the fact that metal detectors have built-in amplifiers and multiply very high signals whenever the reel of the device is above the target, experienced researchers prefer to work in headphones that are capable of abstract from the outside world and unnecessary noise. Metal detector manufacturers try to take this factor into account, however, the presence of audio output is not at all devices.

Power supply type
The correct work and product metal detector, like any other complex device, depends on the quality power supply. In this case, there are the following types of power supply:

AA-type batteries;
Crown batteries;
C-type batteries;

If Ali check metal detector fell with the battery type of power, you need to pay attention to the battery capacity. If it is a kind of power batteries, then you need to use high quality batteries from reliable manufacturers.

Search coil options
The size of the coil affects the depth of detection and sensitivity of the detector. A large search file deeply detects the target, but has less sensitivity to small objects. The smaller the coil diameter, the more sensitive the detector becomes, but the detection depth is much smaller. Small search coils will also be lighter, easier to manage and easier to overcome.

If the coil size does not suit you, then there is always the opportunity to buy a larger coil, increasing the depth range. There are several types of search coils:

a tour
A rectangle
In the form of a butterfly.

Operating frequency
The working frequency is determined by the pulley used and affects the performance of the detector. As a general rule, the lower the frequency, the deeper the detector can penetrate the ground. It should be borne in mind that at low frequency sensitivity for small targets with low low conductivity. The higher the frequency, the greater the sensitivity to small organisms, but the depth of detection decreases.

It is very important to know that searching for gold on the beach does not need a very expensive metal detector and will suit almost anyone, because many discoveries are not too deep and fall within reach.

However, professionals use special models for metal detectors, sharpening and gold detectors. For example, the Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector or Fisher Gold bug DP. What is the difference between metal detectors for gold and ordinary devices?