M1000 hand held metal detector security puck

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M1000 hand held metal detector security puck




A Ranger stick hand M1000 security metal detector. Well suited for screening visitors for weapons caches and smuggling.

Inspect weapons and loss prevention

User adjustable sensitivity allows model 1000 for use with optimal efficiency on a range of security applications. When can detect handguns to reduce sensitivity to avoid unwanted alarms from small harmless objects. High sensitivity allows scanners find to be non-obtrusive and stop their hands; reduce physical contact with human relationships and a possible theme or liability problems.

M1000 hand held metal detector security puck

M1000 hand held metal detector security puck

Model 1000 high sensitivity is invaluable in applications where loss prevention must be protected small metallic objects. Can detect jewelry, electronic products, computer processors, tools, etc.

The FAA received top overall performance assessment lalkashav US manufacturer

Sensitive, rugged and reliable

Fully adjustable sensitivity control enables performance optimization to inspect weapons and loss prevention applications

Lightweight, comfortable grip and a large area to scan and quick scan rate reduced fatigue factor

Automatic tuning ensures equal outcomes on a wide range of metals

De sense button and type tight control detection allows efficiently inspect weapons near floors contain re-bar

New can easily high volume * alert against normal to hear to moderate levels of background noise

Operates on rechargeable batteries or disposing of

Versatile, but realistic prices for all security applications