Magnetic fields around the target and oxidation-reduction

Magnetic fields around the target and oxidation-reduction

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Magnetic fields around the target and oxidation-reduction

It is also essential to reach yor goal is to find out the characteristics of buried metal hzaalmadn factors and changes as a result of entering into the Earth, and through these changes you can easily reach your goal with the permission of Allaah:
Oxidation-reduction process:
Oxidizer (also called oxidized or oxidizing material working) can know that the chemical compound capable of granting one or more oxygen atoms. A more precise, chemical oxidizing substance which win the electrons in redox-shorthand.
In both cases the article is obtained by oxidizing process of resampling.
Redox reduction or oxidation-returns are all chemical reactions in which a change in oxidation number atoms of reactive materials by transmission electron.
Oxidation can be a simple process GPCR-such as the oxidation of carbon produces carbon dioxide, or returns the carbon to hydrogen produces methane, can be a complex process such as the oxidation of sugar in human body so that it includes a complex series of electronic transitions.
Oxidation is loss of electrons by atoms or molecules or ions.
Downsampling is a profit of electrons by atoms or molecules or ions.
And more precise definition can be described as the process of oxidation for an item (or molecule contains the element the process) as an increase in oxidation number of the element, while the Downsample (or return) is the decrease in oxidation number.
An example of such interactions, interaction between iron and copper sulfate:
Magnetic fields and oxidation-reduction
As the ion interaction is:
Magnetic fields and oxidation-reduction
The oxidized iron (iron oxidation number increased from 0 to + 2):
Magnetic fields and oxidation-reduction
And reduced copper (copper oxidation number decreases from + 2 to 0):
Magnetic fields and oxidation-reduction
By understanding these changes in metal device user can develop for separating metals and discriminate between them.
Note: Gold is inherently earns electrons process GPCR and this increases the Ionic Atomic rays emanating from it, the rest of the metals they lose electrons during redox process which they have around magnetic fields.
Magnetic fields around the buried minerals:
Telluric (Earth Magnetism)
Magnetic fields around the target and oxidation-reduction
There are many theories that the Earth contains many deposits of iron ore, and some deposits a nearly pure iron. In ancient times all these deposits she be magnetized iron slowly in one athah, vicount permanent magnet is too large.
There is another theory that the geomagnetism arising from electrical currents which are applicable on the ground and not in the Earth’s crust, but in the surrounding air also, it seems that there is a relationship between ground currents and the Earth’s rotation, this is consistent with the fact that the Earth’s magnetic direction almost the polar axis of the Earth.
There is an angle between the almhoralmghnatisi and the Earth’s polar axis.
The coordinates of the magnetic poles
Magnetic North Pole [1] (2001) 81.3 °99.5 (2004 est) ° ° 82.3 113.4 (2005 est) 82.7 ° ° 79.98
Magnetic South Pole [2] (1998) 64.6 ° 138.5 ° E. (2004 est) 126.0 63.5 ° °
Molded magnetic lines straight longitudinal subliminally between the North and South poles attracts slightly northward leading AC magnetic fields northward (not ions of gold)
And when entering the metal block within this linear subsoil becomes a chtia and meanders in these waves which constitutes an irregular magnetic field up to two metres in height above ground and it also helps the hardware sensors (air-wave) and copper bars to reach the target accurately.
Influenced by magnetic fields and rocky barriers barriers depending on the permeability of magnetic itself
Magnetic permeability is the extent to which the flow of magnetic field lines in the Center, and increase ease of flow of magnetic field lines with increased nvazeith and vice versa, mathematically represented by density magnetic permeability magnetic flow to strong magnetic field and the permeability unit is the Henry (unit) per square meter and the vacuum permeability μ0 = equals 4? x 6? 7 Henry per metre.
Magnetic fields are better than ions in goal setting, where the magnetic fields are the irregular oval circle around the target metal
(Except gold) and seasoned fisherman can stand directly over the target if perfected differentiate between magnetic fields and ions emitted and phantom and halos overlap halos
For gold is not accessible to the theory of pulsed stimulation, pulsed waves is sent back to earth when colliding and gold hardware give bounce response particularly different from the rest of the metals, and the return to the level and effectiveness of the device itself.
Note: phenomena of magnetic fields are affected by tides, tidal influence significant influence by the Earth’s gravity which change the size and orientation of the magnetic fields