Metal Detecting With The Minelab Xterra 305 Reviews

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A quick versatile device. Even a child can learn. However, soil balance, has the number of VDI, several sound schemes, discrimination. Can work on two frequencies,-7.5 kHz and 18.75 kHz. If you want to start with a simple, but with the possibility of upgrading the professional device is what you need! Powered by 4 x AA batteries and you can work up to 25 hours. The full weight of the detector batteries supply just 1360 grammes. Casing waterproof, coil is waterproof, has a removable protective coating protecting reel from shock.

X-Terra 305 metal detectors the entire series X-Terra performed by modern digital technology VFLEX to get rid of the clutter that inevitably attended the old analog models. Now the detector controls the modern microprocessor. This allowed the X-Terra to significantly improve the quality of discrimination (metal type detect), increase depth and sensitivity, reduce the effects of electrical interference and mineralization in comparison with analogue models.

The Minelab X-Terra 305 all purpose detector one of the most respected names in metal detecting, one of the best entry-level devices. Easy to professional. Pinpoint. 12 sectors of discrimination. 10 sectors sector depth 5 sensitivity. Can work on two frequencies,-7.5 kHz and 18.75 kHz. Number of VDI, auto and manual ground balance, volume control, save settings, a choice of 1, 2, 3 or 12 tones, threshold tone.