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Buying gold coins, especially gold bullion coins, can be a straightforward way to invest in physical gold. Here’s a guide on purchasing gold bullion coins:

1. Types of Gold Coins:

Bullion Coins: Typically minted by government mints, such as American Gold Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, or South African Krugerrands. They contain a specific weight of pure gold.

Numismatic Coins: Considered collectibles, valued not only for their gold content but also rarity, historical significance, and condition. They may have higher premiums.

2. Considerations Before Buying:

Purity and Weight: Ensure you understand the gold content and weight of the coin, often expressed in troy ounces.

Authenticity: Purchase from reputable dealers or government mints to ensure authenticity and avoid counterfeit coins.

3. Where to Buy:

Authorized Dealers: Reputable coin dealers or bullion dealers recognized by industry bodies.

Government Mints: Directly purchase from government mints or their authorized distributors for specific coins.

4. Pricing:

Spot Price vs. Premium: Understand the “spot price” of gold (current market price) and the premium (additional cost above the spot price) charged by dealers.

Comparison Shopping: Compare prices from various dealers before making a purchase.

5. Storage and Security:

Secure Storage: Decide on a secure place to store your gold coins, such as a home safe, safety deposit box, or secure storage facility.

6. Documentation and Records:

Keep Receipts and Certificates: Maintain records of purchase receipts, certificates of authenticity, and any relevant documentation.

7. Legal Considerations:

Local Laws: Understand local laws and regulations regarding the purchase, ownership, and sale of gold coins.

8. Buying Strategies:

Dollar-Cost Averaging: Consider a strategy of regular purchases over time to average out the cost.

9. Selling Considerations:

Exit Strategy: Have a plan for selling or liquidating your gold coins when needed, considering factors like liquidity and potential resale value.

Before purchasing gold coins, it’s advisable to research, consider your investment goals, and consult with reputable dealers or financial advisors. Understanding the market, the authenticity of the coins, and having a clear plan for storing and potentially selling them is crucial when investing in physical gold.

Buy gold coins buying gold bullion coins

Tools it is much easier to buy gold today than it was 30 years ago. Buy gold bullion coins easily and sold with the click of a mouse. Easier to buy gold, but gold investments to an investment arena like never before. In fact, sales exceeded gold coin from the US Mint in recent months thriving sales of gold in 1970 for gold coin. Despite this fact, it is just the beginning of the gold price increase.

Gold coins are becoming more scarce, and quite naturally, investors covet the shiny yellow metal at an increasing rate ever. Type the desired gold coins from investors who follow the price of gold is gold American Eagles, Canadian Gold Maple Leafs, krogerands gold in South Africa, Australian gold Kangaroo, Chinese Gold Panda and Austrian gold vilharmonix. This is the most popular gold coins available to investors who want the profit potential and protection. The benefit to owning this coins bullion gold four times:

1. you can get immediate liquidity. This means you can sell your gold bullion coins at or near the price of gold at any time, anywhere in the world.

2. you’re in control. Investment in gold is strong in investment certainty. Knowing you have gold coins in your hand you can rely on makes a world of difference to the sense of financial well-being.

3. There are enormous potential profits with gold bullion coins, more just about every other vehicle out there. It doesn’t matter if you carry “American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, kroogerands South Africa, or any other type of these coins gold bullion, investment portfolio will provide good potential for increased profitability.

4. last but not least, gold bullion coins provide economic safety and stability in a world that is increasingly beset with uncertainty and risk.

Those are some of the “pros” of owning gold bullion coins. There are more first-time buyer of gold coins should be aware of “the other side of the coin,” so to speak. If you “American Eagles”, Canadian Maple Leafs, kroogerands South Africa, Austrian, Chinese Panda vilharmonix, or Australian Kangaroo, subject to confiscation by the Federal Government. In 1933 Franklin Roosevelt issued an executive order to citizens of the United States role in all gold bullion coins produced by the United States Mint, as well as any gold coins and bars issued by foreign Governments.

Our country, and in that period was at the height of the crisis: the dollar was in trouble and smart investors have been getting out of stocks and bonds, and unemployment was on the rise. This period was the great depression. The result was not turning in your gold bullion coins or gold bullion bars huge fines and imprisonment. If you buy gold bullion coins today, such as American Eagle, United States Mint prints a 50 dollars on the back of currency. For what? Because if the Government were to confiscate gold bullion coins as they did in 1930, will receive only $ 50 denomination value, despite the current price of gold in the market, whether the price $ 500 or $ 1,000 or even $ 2000. The opportunity for such confiscation universally Federal Government as possible.

As transactions are gold bullion reportable to the IRS. We will also cover in detail the type of non-reportable transactions of gold gold, and the private sector, in moments.

It is important to recognize that the price of gold fluctuates, so does the value of gold bullion coins.

However, despite these contingencies, are advising asset managers throughout the country a quota of at least some of the investment portfolio in gold. Prices are on the rise, in the so-called bull market analysts run for a long time and only in the beginning stages

Gold coins-private

Naturally attracted investors to gold investment vehicles where they can expect a greater return with the least amount of risk. In the physical gold market supported gold Supreme era. Is certified gold gold coins minted before befor “mint” in 1933. $ 20 St. gaudins, liberty $ 20, $ 10 Indian, $ 10 Indian, $ 5, $ 5 liberty Gold $ 2.5 liberty coins are all examples of the most profitable gold coins investor can acquire for several reasons:

1. certificate of gold has limited mintage. The Government cannot return and Mint more of these gold coins. You need to own gold coins that continue to go up because of this fact year after year regardless of what the price of gold. Due to limited availability can override these gold coins the gains seen by gold bullion 2 to 5 times.

2. supported gold is also one of the assets of another Government Act allows you to obtain. Global financial and are not required to request a social security number when you buy gold coins or when selling gold coins.

3.Non-konviskatabl. Certified gold coins are exempt from confiscation. Certified gold coins are exempt from seizure if the Government decides to confiscate the gold as they did between 1933 and in the early 1970s. You are in a world of hurt during those 40 years of holding you the wrong kind of gold coins. So you can rest assured your certified gold will do what it is supposed to do the most arduous conditions-protect your money. 

4. immediate liquidity. Global finance is the major market maker in gold coins, and will help to convert your gold coins back into cash at a moments notice.

In addition to the above benefits, certified gold also more stable than gold bullion coins. The currency value is not determined only by what spot price for gold. In fact, Certified Gold provides stability over the stock market and bond market, or just leave your money in cash. So if you are tired of having to worry about the current economic environment, you may want to consider diversifying more dangerous vehicles on an asset that has stood the test of time.

Portability is also something you should keep in mind when determining which type of gold coins right for you. To put things in perspective, and can carry 1 million gold coins in case attachè (c). This should give you a sense of comfort knowing that you gained a completely portable and discreetly portable.

IRA and 401 backed by gold coins

Gold coins support extension the IRA or 401k makes your perfect diversification of assets in today’s uncertain economic environment. You can add gold coins your retirement strategy in a few easy steps.

Step 1. Determine what part of your retirement account you want to transfer gold coins over.

Step 2. Print one page “setup form IRA gold coin” and fill to the best of your ability. Fax the form to the retirement account in section 506-6597 (818).

Step 3. We will contact a representative customer service gold currency “in a very short period of time to confirm and ensure the availability of your gold coins. Then work with your current custodian to obtain the appropriate funds transferred over to your new IRA CD-ROM, backed by physical gold coins.

American Eagle gold bullion coins is one of the most popular gold coins permitted by the IRS for your precious metals IRA. American Eagle gold bullion coins came in denominations 1 ounce and ounce 1/2, 1/4 ounce and ounce 1/10. These included coins gold bullion “Mint us to purity, weight and size. American Eagle gold bears the mark reflects the “W” Mint gold coin struck in the US Mint at West point. Face American Eagle gold bullion coin features a full length figure of Augustus “centgodins” of liberty with flowing hair, holding a torch in her hand and an olive branch in her other hand. On the other side of the coin the Golden Eagle male holds an olive branch and fly above a nest containing a female Eagle and her aiglates. Each gold coin wrapped in plastic, and comes with a custom set of “certificate of authenticity”.

There are also coins “American Eagle proof” gold. Proof gold coins more unwanted since each year are produced “mint” a limited quantity. Is all gold coin proof several times with special die to create a glossy finish. Because of a limited amount, and would prefer investors normally these gold coins to their retirement accounts. Weather and we are talking about gold coins or widgets whenever there is a limited quantity of course increase prices faster and become more valuable. Currencies “American Eagle proof” gold exempt from confiscation. There are many investors like to know have type gold coins back to the retirement account are not subject to confiscation by the Federal Government.