Clean copper coins, gold, silver, clean patina

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Clean copper coins, gold, silver, clean patina

Cleaning copper and silver coins, gold and modern coins, also on the subject of earlier we talked about how to clean copper coins at home, and on this subject we want to sum up in a few lines the cleanup of various coins, and there will be more detailed topics for cleaning all kinds of ancient coins that are found, and often these coins buried for a long time in the ground , And lots of interactions that affect the surface resulting in a different form.


Cleaning bronze and copper

How to clean copper coins at home cleaning the copper coins, gold, silver, clean patina
To clean the bronze and copper coins placed these types of pieces in distilled water and soak for 10 days.
Then with a brush under running water, remove most of the dirt. If you want to remove the patina green, we soak the pieces for 6-8 hours in a vinegar solution (80%)-salt (20%). then rub them with a tooth brush, then cleaned coins with a piece of cotton canvas. If the cleaning process very difficult and stuck the patina on the coins, you can use a brush with stiff bristles.
After you do this, if you get results you can repeat the cleaning process more than once.

Cleaning silver coins

As for the silver pieces we will soak the pieces in distilled water for several days. You can add a little salt to the water, and then with a little toothpaste moistened with warm water to brush, rub the pieces without pressure on the brush, and if the article green on silver coins intractable, can add a few drops of citrus juice with a peeling brushing, drying is always with a piece of cotton cloth.
If necessary repeat the facial.

Cleaning old gold coins

You may not need gold coins many cleaning operations, if the amount of plankton in these pieces, soak the pieces in distilled water, and then use the brush with SOAP with washing with running water, then dried on the cloth from cotton.

Modern coins

Cleaning with a toothbrush with a little toothpaste, and after rubbing these parts thoroughly washed with water and dried with a cotton cloth.
If this cleaning process gives results can make the coins for a few minutes in vinegar and clean him accordingly commence salt.
At the end of this article I would like to remind you of the need to preserve coins, especially old pieces from any scratches, cleaning process must be in a nice way, without causing any damage to these pieces, cleaning coins is an important part, so you don’t lose this currency value if you want to sell in the future, good luck.

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